Raissa Kengne appears in court

Raissa Kengne, the woman accused of shooting three people and sending offices into lockdown in midtown Atlanta on Monday has been denied bail.


Raïssa Kengne, 34, appeared before a court in Tuesday afternoon accused of assaulting three people with a firearm and killing two of them, and was ordered to remain in detention.


The first attack took place at Ms Kengne’s luxury condo complex, with a second bout of gunfire erupting minutes later at an office building four blocks away.

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Michael Shinners, 60, a building manager in Ms Kengne’s luxury condo complex, died at the scene, while Wesley Freeman, 41, who seems to have been a former colleague of Ms Kengne, died later in hospital.


While police are still probing the motive of the shooting, Ms Kengne appears to have made a series of LinkedIn posts and filed a lawsuit accusing Mr Freeman and her building managers of conspiring against her.


Officers said they believed the victims had been targeted specifically.

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Notably, both Mr Freeman and Mr Shinners were named as defendants in the lawsuit filed by Raïssa Kengne earlier this year, claiming that they were involved in a conspiracy against her.


Mr Freeman’s own LinkedIn page describes him as an information security auditor who has worked at Ms Kengne’s former employer for nearly 17 years.


Mr Shinners, meanwhile, is identified in Ms Kengne’s lawsuit as the general manager of her apartment complex at 1280 West Peachtree St.

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The first shooting was a targeted attack on management staff at the apartment building where the suspect lived, according to CBS 46.


Residents at the scene of the first shooting told reporter Patrick Quinn that the suspect lived in their building.


They said that the shooter targeted apartment management staff on the plaza level of the complex.

Raïssa Kengne appears in court

Meanwhile, Raïssa Kengne reportedly visited a home in Ansley Park before being dropped off at the airport, according to the taxi driver who picked her up after the shootings.


The lawyer has been identified as Finch McCranie and his firm has released the following statement:

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Finch McCranie partners Michael Sullivan and Walter Jospin represented Ms. Kengne for a short time last year—about seven weeks– for the purpose of evaluating a potential SEC Whistleblower claim.


As the public record now shows – the complaint and her LinkedIn posts – she had concerns about how her then-employer, BDO, was performing certain accounting work.


We evaluated the case at no charge to her. We then declined to pursue the claim and ended our representation of her. That is the extent of Finch McCranie’s relationship with Ms. Kengne.


This year, public records show Ms. Kengne has filed several lawsuits. She has sued for various reasons more than 30 people and companies. In one complaint she alleged, without any supporting evidence, that our firm somehow disclosed her confidential information to BDO and had a conflict of interest. There was never any merit to these allegations, as there was no such disclosure of her information and no conflict of interest.

Our firm is cooperating fully with law enforcement in their investigation.


Walter E. Jospin, Partner

Michael Sullivan, Partner

Finch McCranie, LLP


August 25, 2022


The law firm also said that their hearts go out to the families and colleagues of the victims and that it is truly a tragedy for them and the city.


Suspected shooter Raissa Kengne also asked to go to Marietta, says the taxi driver. However, he did not have time to take her and took her to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport instead where he was scheduled to pick up a customer.


Victims Wesley Freeman and Michael Shinners, both of whom were killed, were two of 29 defendants named in a lawsuit filed by Kengne in May 2022.


The third person shot Monday, Mike Horne, works as a director of engineering for Beacon Management according to the company website. Horne continues to recover in the hospital.

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