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The bird that lays the golden egg is the best way to describe Umuchukwu born and bred medical doctor, Dr Godwin Maduka.

On daily bases we ask God to give us a good leader, how then do we know that our prayers have been answered if we could not identify one in our midst. Dr. Godwin Maduka is a God sent and we must not miss this rare opportunity.

A triple Professor who out of love for education and his people built Community School and Immaculate Conception International College 1&2, fully furnished and handed over to the Catholic Mission & Anambra State Government free.

A man who believes that justice and security of life and property are very essential therefore he built Police Station, Barracks, Officers Mess, Magistrate Court, High Court, Judges & Civil Defence quarters with his hard earned money and donated to Anambra State Government.

What do we need as a proof from a man who acknowledged the importance of health to his people that he built a 17 storey Hospital & Research Centre. He also built Trinitas International Hospital, fully equipped and handed over to the Catholic Mission.

What else do we need from a man that feels the agony of widows and other indigent ones who he empowered and built over 100 houses for.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is a youth at heart and believes that when you train a youth you are building the nation. No wonder he empowered more than 100 youths and still counting. This uncommon attitude earned him the honour as the Grand Patron of Anambra Students.

What proof do we still need from a man to realize that he is a God sent. A man whose religious belief has no denominational boundary, he built Cathedral, Monastery, Chapels & Hospital for the Catholic mission and also built Cathedral and Parsonage for The Anglican Communion.


Please what else do we need from a man who single handedly built Roads and Bridges connecting his neighbouring communities of Ogbunka and Owerrezukala including Town Halls, Civic Centre, Modern Market, Post Office and many others.

Truly they say power is not given rather power is taken but the voice of man is the voice of God. I hereby appeal to all political stakeholders and people of goodwill to ensure that Dr. Godwin Maduka, Okosisi Orumba becomes the next Governor of Anambra State.


Comr. Sunny Chidube

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