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Re-Anambra: APGA Youths protest alleged plan to impose guber candidate on party

Re-Anambra: APGA Youths protest alleged plan to impose guber candidate on party

Good a thing that the leadership of APGA Youth in Anambra State through Chike Odoji has debunked the above referred news report that is being trended online by disgruntled opposition party elements.


The only thing am doing in this reaction is what I will term a proper justice to the matter.

To start with APGA youth leadership in Anambra State has made it clear that they did not protest against the State and national leadership of the party.


They also made it clearly known that they are not in doubt of the party leadership commitment to conduct a free and fair primary election on June 23rd and that is to say that there is no plan to impose any guber aspirant on the party.



Having said this, I want to add that the sponsors of the impostors that claimed to be APGA youth are living in fools paradise.


The impostors and their sponsors major demand that I will address in this reaction is that the members of U-AYA and U-AWA should not play any role in the forthcoming APGA primary that is starting with party Congress on 15th June 2021.


The stark reality facing the impostors and their sponsors is that they made a demand that cannot be granted.


The reason is because most members of U- AYA and U-AWA are playing one role or the other as party executives, government officials, party stakeholders and party members.

What it means is that they are committed APGA members that cannot be sidelined from any of the party activities.



Am not holding brief for them rather am saying the raw truth the way it is.

Most TC Chairmen, party excos and political appointees are members of U-AYA and U-AWA.

This is an undisputed fact.


They sponsor the party financially and otherwise in their wards and local governments.

So a stranger cannot come and tell them not to participate in an activity that is going to take place in a house they helped to build.

My advice to those sponsoring impostors to embark on a dead on arrival protest against APGA leadership is that they should stop chasing shadows because what will be must definitely come to fruition.


Soludo solution governorship project is already a goal and no amount of politically motivated blackmail can stop the actualisation of the project.


Daalu nu.


Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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