Re – APGA: Why Soludo is not the Solution

Re – APGA: Why Soludo is not the Solution: The above referred piece authored by a faceless Chris J. Okoye and published in Daily Sun is the handiwork of mischief makers.

In all honesty, it’s only an impostor that will question Soludo membership of APGA.

My reason for saying this is that right from the day Soludo joined APGA in 2013, he started contributing his own quota of support for the party success from that time to date.

As a member of the party, Soludo proved himself an asset to APGA and not a liability.

It is now an open secret that fairweather weight politicians that are eyeing the governorship seat are afraid of Soludo because of the overwhelming clamour for him to throw his hat into the 2021 governorship election ring and contest.

To me, those that are jittery of Soludo are wasting their time because it’s his time to reap what he sowed.

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I refer to him as the proverbial bread fruit whose time has come to fall.

From my investigation, accusing finger is being pointed at one Damian Okolo that is eyeing APGA ticket for the 2021 governorship election as the person behind the senseless and useless referred blackmail piece.

If that is true, I will want to tell the said Damian Okolo that his name alone is strange to APGA faithfuls and in that regards, he is the one whose membership of APGA is in doubt and also questionable.

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I will want to use this medium to make it categorically clear that the person that will get my support for the 2021 governorship election must be somebody that supported Governor Obiano from 2014 to that 2021.

I mean somebody whose support for the Governor is not in doubt.

My orientation is that you will reap whatever you sow because others cannot sow a seed and you come from nowhere to reap from there efforts.

Soludo gave Governor Obiano undiluted support and stood by him when it mattered most.

I remember the things that transpired in 2017 governorship election.

As at that time our self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi was on a destructive mission against Governor Obiano.

All he wanted to achieve is to stop Obiano’s well deserved 2nd term election.

He approached Soludo and dangled a juicy carrot before him but Soludo as a man of impeccable character rejected being used as an instrument of vengeance against Governor Obiano.

If your enemies want to pull you down and see your close friend as an option that they will use and get you,they will go to the person at your back and that is exactly what they did to Soludo but he refused doing their evil bidding.

He did not only disappoint them by rejecting their offer, he also told them categorically that he will do everything humanly possible for Governor Obiano to clinch his well deserved 2nd term re election and that was how he invented the quote that can be referred to as the straw that broke the Camel back.

I mean the now famous “if it’s not broken, why mend it” quote.

He moved with the Governor round the 21 local government areas for campaign.

He gave the Governor a commendable visible support.

The said faceless Chris Okoye that authored the Sun newspaper published blackmail piece against Soludo ended up making himself an object of mockery.

No genuine member of APGA that will have the effrontery to question Soludo membership of the party.

The only person that can do that is an impostor.

Every member of APGA knows that Soludo is not just an ordinary member of the party, they know him as APGA BOT member and the BOT is the conscience of the party.

As the 2021 governorship election is fast approaching, opposition elements will be hatching different types of plot to use blackmail to dislodge APGA from Anambra State government House but failure is already there portion.

Planting moles like Damian Okolo for the destabilisation of APGA will not work for them and using a faceless impostor that goes by the name of Chris J Okoye to blackmail Soludo for no justifiable reasons will not help them.

Any evil plot to destabilise APGA and sow seed of discord in the party is dead on arrival.

I learnt that Obiora Okonkwo of People Deceive People party boasted to some Catholic priests that he will destabilise APGA ahead of the 2021 governorship election to enable him whittle down Soludo support base and win the election if he emerges PDP candidate.

My happiness is that as at today, the reverse is the case for Obiora Okonkwo because his evil wish returned back to his party.

Anambra PDP is not only in turmoil as I pen down this reaction piece, the party is already dead awaiting final burial in 2021.

Ndi Anambra are not surprised that those eyeing Governor Obiano seat are seeing Soludo as a stumbling block for them because the overwhelming clamour for Soludo to succeed Obiano in office is an evidential proof that he is the peoples choice.

I hate betrayal, sabotage and backstabbing with passion and Soludo cannot be associated with such.

The main thing I love about Soludo is that they dangled a juicy carrot for him to betray Governor Obiano in 2017 and he refused doing that.

Such support deserves to be reciprocated in the spirit of the adage that says that “when the right hand washes the left hand, the left hand will reciprocate by washing the right hand”.

The reason why the opposition are labouring in vain to destroy the hard earned reputation of Soludo is because they tried sowing seed of adistrust between him and Governor Obiano but they failed.

I remember the opposition making a foolish attempt to frighten Governor Obiano by saying it boldly on the pages of newspapers that if he supports Soludo to be his successor that he will jail him.

The same people will go to Soludo to tell him that he will regret supporting Governor Obiano because he will disappoint him.

What they are playing is a destructive mind game but they ended up not achieving their expected result from such game hence the reason why they foolishly resorted to questioning Soludo membership of APGA.

It’s still on record that Soludo has not declared his governorship ambition rather what ndi Anambra are seeing is an overwhelming clamour for him to contest the 2021 governorship election and in this regard, those blackmailing him should wait for him to declare first before embarking on a fruitless blackmail mission against him.

Soludo is an APGA member whose undiluted support for Governor Obiano is commendable and well appreciated by the party faithfuls.

Daalu nu.

I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa and Chinyelugo 1 of Ogbaru)National coordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.

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