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Re – EFCC places Obiano on watchlist ahead of handover

Re - EFCC places Obiano on watchlist ahead of handover
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Willie Obiano vs EFCC: I will state without mincing words that the above referred trending news report is the handiwork of the sore losers of the November 6th governorship election.


It’s too bad that EFCC under Bawa want to turn their agency to a witch hunting agency being used by the bad eggs in Nigeria politics to fight politically motivated battles.


Governor Obiano has done nothing wrong that will warrant him being placed on EFCC watch list but some evil forces that are hell bent in spoiling the ongoing celebration mood of ndi Anambra want to use EFCC to achieve their evil plan.


They will definitely wear the garment of shame because Governor Obiano does not have any skeleton in his cupboard and he has nothing to fear about EFCC.


It’s important for me to remind Bawa, the EFCC Chairman, that Governor Obiano on assumption of office for his 2nd term invited Magu, the former EFCC Chairman, to Anambra to lecture his appointees on how to run a corruption free government.

If the Governor has skeleton in his cupboard, he will not take such commendable bold step.


I condemn in its entirety, the attempt to create the wrong impression that Governor Obiano has plan to run out of the Country after handing over to his successor.


The Governor does not have such plan and he is ready to give account of his 8years Stewardship as Anambra Governor.


Ndi Anambra are proud of Governor Obiano because he justified the confidence reposed on him by the electorates.


I will refer to the claim that EFCC has placed Obiano on a watch list as unnecessary ground standing that will not yield any fruitful result.


Governor Obiano cannot be cowed or intimidated and any attempt to witch hunt him by evil minded politicians will be vehemently resisted.


EFCC should tell Nigerians what they did to Governors in the Country that collected bailout funds but they are still owing salaries in their State.


Under Governor Obiano’s watch, he did not collect bailout fund and did not borrow money but he pays salary as at when due to civil servant.


Obiano deserves commendation for getting his priority right in Anambra State.


Governor Obiano decision to prioritise on payment of workers salary as at when due helped in a very big way to reduce poverty rate in Anambra State.

The Governor managed the lean resources accruing to the State coffers very well in such a way that he was able to execute legacy projects and other life changing projects that had direct impact on the lives of ndi Anambra at the grassroots.


EFCC and their evil cohorts are chasing shadows.


An adage says that “when you praise a child for doing well, the praises will spur the child to do more”.


Governor Obiano has done marvellously well for ndi Anambra and the good people of the State will remain eternally grateful to him.


My advice to Bawa led EFCC is that they should not turn their agency to an available tool in the hands of evil minded politicians that serves purpose of witch hunting because doing that will incur the wrath of Nigerians against them.


Am confident that if EFCC decides to be unbiased in doing their job and sincere to themselves, they will give Governor Obiano a clean bill of health letter for running a corruption free government for the 8years he was in power as Anambra Governor.


Unbearable shame awaits those hatching the evil plot of using EFCC to witch hunt Governor Obiano politically after handing over power on March 17th 2022.


Daalu nu.


Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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