Real Madrid leaked document exposes what it’s like in the dressing room

Leaked documents uncovered by one Spanish outlet have given a great insight into what it’s actually like being in the Real Madrid dressing room.


Deportes Cuatro have gained access to Los Blancos’ fine system for the 2019/20 season, with various rule breaches potentially costing players up to €3,000.


Turning up late to training is a costly business if you’re a Real Madrid player.


Apparently all squad members have to be at the training ground 45 minutes before training starts but if you’re five minutes late that will cost €250.


The fine goes up to €500 if players are 15 minutes late, and it’s €1,000 thereafter.


Getting weighed once a week is mandatory at Real Madrid, and if players fail to do so they will be fined €250.


Exceeding their own personal ‘acceptable weight’ sees players hit with a €1,000 fine.


By the look of these documents, the club are hot on the ‘misuse’ of mobile phones with players getting fined anywhere between €250 and €1,000 for using them in the physio room, team bus or in the dressing room.


Phones also have to be on silent at all times whilst at the training ground.

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