Reasons women prefer Knotless Braid hair style

Reasons women prefer Knotless Braid hair style

Knotless Braid Hair Style:Most women would never go for braiding, If you are someone like me, I will rather go for dread than braiding.


Although my love for braiding is really great ,but the sacrifice to sit for hours and make them is the problem.


A lot of ladies prefer braiding due to a lot of reasons and they are listed below –


Box braids have been a go-to look for women of color for decades, and now many are happily turning to a knotless version of the look.

Reasons women prefer Knotless braid hair style 
Reasons women prefer Knotless braid hair style.

Traditional box braids can be easy to maintain, protect natural strands that need a break from daily manipulation and can simply look stunning. Still a few other hard truths that box braids can also come with include pain, heavy weight and so on.



Knotless braids borrow the idea of the traditional box-style parts all over the scalp but takes out the knot usually formed as a tight anchor at the base for the added extension hair used for each braid. With this technique, the braid begins with your natural hair and extension hair is added midshaft for thickness and length.

Reasons women prefer Knotless braid hair style 

Knotless braid come with Less pain

There’s less tension at the root which is very important because if you do have tight braids, you will have irritation, and redness and your hair will pretty much pull out from your scalp and that can cause scarring over a long period of time if you continue to do that.


Flexible  in everyday Styling

With knotless braids, you can instantly wear your hair up, down, to the side, or styled any way you choose without having to wait several days for them to loosen up.



Healthier hair:

It’s so much healthier. Since it’s see through , it can easily be oiled , picked and treated at any time one required it treated. The scalp is also opened to free air.

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