Rema and Depression

Rema and Depression

Divine Ikubor aka Rema, a supporter of afro-rave, has admitted that “melancholy” is a key factor in changing his game. Rema claims that depression alerts him when to change his style.


The popular musician recently spoke candidly about his musical career and personal life in an interview with Korty EO.


The “Soundgasm” crooner said: “I like change. Change in the aspect that they don’t need to tell me change, I change. But if you look at the transition of my career as well, you can tell there’s always something new; asides music. Like in my personality, looks or whatever, I like to switch it”, he added.

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The freelance filmmaker and YouTuber from Lagos wanted to know more about Rema’s “switching game” so he posed the question: “How do you know when to make a switch?”


Every time a depressive episode occurs, according to Rema, the person’s mentality and complete being are yearning for a change since they are no longer at ease in their present circumstances.


Rema said: “Depression! There are sometimes you just like…in a week, everything is the same. It’s the same routine. It’s the same mood. So, that’s when you know that there’s an ish.

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“So, once you get depressed, it means like your skin, soul is not comfortable in that skin, mindset; that mind frame.”

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