Restructuring and My problem with South-East – Buhari

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has asked those clamouring for restructuring to define their concept of restructuring.


President Buhari, who stated this in an interview with the Channels TV, which was aired on Wednesday night, also explained his problem with the South-East on their demand for another state.


Asked his position on restructuring, the President said, “Those who talk of restructuring; I want them to define what they mean in their own concept of restructuring.

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“Do they want more states? If they want, look at the map of Nigeria, at whose expense?


“I have a problem with people from South-East; they said they wanted another state, as each of the geopolitical zones has six states.


“I said go and look at the map and see how many of the existing states will contribute to other states.

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“That was the last I heard from them” on the matter, the President said.

Restructuring and My problem with South-East - Buhari
Restructuring and My problem with South-East – Buhari

Meanwhile, the Presidency is to spend a total sum of NN2.102 billion on refreshment, wildlife maintenance and miscellaneous in the 2022 budget estimate recently signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari.


The sum to be spent by the Presidency for State House Operations is also going to be on sports activities and renovation of buildings in the fiscal year.

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From the amount, the Presidency is expected to spent N35,983,460 on sporting and gaming activities; N57,269,895 on wildlife and N1,023,679,451 in the year under review.


Similarly, the sum of N135,953,460 will be spent on refreshment and N55,056,446 on renovation works.

The spending is expected to come from N4,596,128,367 recurrent expenditure and N7,717,279,814 for Capital.


All these are to be spent out of N91,652,254,250 for personnel, N16,252,859,677 for overhead, 42,705,496,007 for capital from a total of N150,590,609,934 allocation for Presidency in the year.


A breakdown of the spending shows that the President will spend N30,652,500 on refreshment and N21,974,763,310 on House construction and provision of office buildings.

The spending is expected to come from the 24,835,805,231 total allocation for the President. Out of which, N21,974,763,310 is earmarked for capital while N2,861,041,921 is earmarked for recurrent expenditure for the fiscal year.


The Vice President on the other hand is expected to spend N5,488,632 on sporting activities; N20,264,397 on refreshment/meals; N38,297,163 on computers hardware and softwares.


Our checks shows that the whole amount is to be spent out of the N1,048,618,092 recurrent expenditure earmarked for the State House Headquarters and N31,909,360 capital allocations from the total allocation of N1,183,011,298 for the office in the year.

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