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Rev. Ejike Mbaka missing after criticizing Buhari government 

Why Nnamdi Kanu took the Mantle - Mbaka

Rev. Ejike Mbaka missing  after criticizing Buhari government.


Mbaka had asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign or be impeached last week.  He also spoke up against the Buhari government and declared his support for Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Biafra group.


However, he was attacked by the Presidency, which alleged that the cleric was angry because he sought to secure contracts from the Buhari-led government and was denied. The allegations was replied to by Rev. Mbaka which stated he has no hidden motives are the contract, he also stated that the Presidency using that to reply shows their level of childishness in government.

Rev. Ejike Mbaka missing  after criticizing Buhari government 
Rev. Ejike Mbaka missing after criticizing Buhari government

Earlier, there was a calling on all youths of the ministry to the adoration ground.



The message inviting the youths to the adoration ground, read, “Important! Good morning friends and well-wishers. Please if you know you stand for justice and you do not want the lone voice that speaks for the poor in this country to be silenced, gather at Adoration ground, let’s go for a protest at the Bishop’s court.


“Fr. Mbaka is nowhere to be found. He went yesterday to answer the Bishop’s call and up till now, he’s not taking his calls. Let’s gather! SSG.”


The parishioners have now stormed the Bishop’s Court, demanding that Bishop Calistus Onaga of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu should produce the cleric.



Ohanaeze Youth Congress had also given the Nigerian government 48 hours to produce the cleric.  While some of the youth in Enugu have taken it upon themselves to protest against the disappearance of the Reverend

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