Revamped Edo College of Education kicks off academic activities Q3 2022

Revamped Edo College of Education kicks off academic activities Q3 2022

The Edo State Government has said the newly revamped multi-campus Edo College of Education with sites in Igueben, Abudu and Afuze, will begin academic activities before the end of 2022.


The government, however, said the academic calendar of the defunct College of Education in Igueben will not be truncated, promising that students of the defunct college will graduate as and when due.


Edo State Commissioner for Education, Dr. Joan Osa-Oviawe gave the assurance after a meeting with executives of the Student Union Government (SUG) of the defunct College of Education, Igueben, led by its president, Comrade Famous Akieru and the Acting Provost of the defunct College, Igbinosun Rexason, in Benin City.


Osa-Oviawe said the government is committed to human capacity development, noting that the College will ensure the training of teachers with competencies in different knowledge and skill areas, especially basic and technical education.

According to her, “The Ministry of Education has given the students of the College of Education, Igueben assurance that they will graduate as and when due and that their academic calendar will not be truncated by the Edo State Government. Directives will be given to the school management in that regard.


“For all concerned, year three students are expected to graduate by the normal school calendar on the 18th of this month, while year two students are expected to finish by September this year.”


“Government is working so hard to ensure that the Edo College of Education with three campuses kicks off by the end of this year,” she disclosed.


Osa-Oviawe further noted, “The Edo State Government frowns at the admission exercise that management of the institution are still engaged in despite the fact that the government has enacted a law to repeal the old school and another to establish a new school.


“Edo College of Education is yet to take off but the College of Education, Igueben no longer exists. The directive of phasing out existing students was given and the management was warned not to bring in new ones, but this position was not adhered to.


“This is the administrative paralysis that the ministry of education will be going in right away to clean up.”

The Commissioner stated, “The government is re-organising the school; in time past, the College never had enough money to provide quality teaching despite offering all the programmes.


“The new College has been streamlined to focus on different areas. Igueben is the main campus and it will focus on training secondary school as well as technical and vocational education teachers. Abudu is one of the campuses focusing on training early childhood and basic education teachers. Afuze is all about physical education as well as health education and that of special education.”


“The government has invested heavily in education in the state and will not allow mischief makers to distract the government,” she added.

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