Revolutionizing Agriculture and Food for Food Security and Sustainability through Smart Agriculture

OPIBOLSTOW launches a Proof – Plan feasible for Food Security and Human Sustainability through Smart Agriculture which gives unwavering confidence on Revolutionizing Agriculture and Future of Food.


The proof-plan which was launched on 8th of November, 2021 in the aura to mark the company’s anniversary and the efficient team work on her vision sets the optimization of revolutionizing Agriculture and future of food alive in Nigeria and Africa. It sheds more light on the mysteries behind food and agricultural sustainability, food security and human sustainability. And how it could be executed by Private individuals, Private citizens, Private firms and Private – Public Sector with momentum for Government action to securing food affordability, sustainability and security.


The expert in agriculture, food production, storage, processing and environment; Stephen Opeyemi Owolabi, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations of the company OPIBOLSTOW AGGREGATE ENTERPRISES says “A solid decision and long-term commitment must be put to the play book of food security and sustainability as the world increases and the four pillars of sustainability calls for help with their vital signs being experience all over the world”.

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The CEO explains that food sustainability should not be the sole responsibility of the government leaders or as manifesto. Underlining the fact that it is a long term project execution while government leaders have particular term in office as tenure, and they might not be able to fully work the goal to achievement even if they start, except the successor in office continues the proof-plan execution where the predecessor paused, which is rare most times.


He added that although the government of the country irrespective of her leadership can take it as a running project or the leader takes it as a personal project which even out of office, ensures the execution of the plan continues.

Smart Agriculture: Revolutionizing Agriculture and Food for Food Security
Stephen Opeyemi Owolabi

“Assessments can provide a foundation for the development of government, business and community adaptation strategies on food and Agricultural sustainability; however, executing the process of the proof-plan, envisioning where we want and need to go with smooth running plan without hassle and working the prints with efficacy without diverting the finance or shortchange the efficiency would get the goal achieved without gainsaying. Lots of money would be made in this sort of project.”

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With the proof plan, the firm OPIBOLSTOW® is able elaborate most of the problems facing food security, food affordability, food sustainability and Agricultural sustainability. Stating the fact that agriculture must take a better dimension through Smart Agriculture in order to be sustainable.

Smart Agriculture: Revolutionizing Agriculture and Food for Food Security
Smart Agriculture: Revolutionizing Agriculture and Food for Food Security

The proof – plan also have: the state of Storage, decentralization, and dispatch to consumers. Noting that it can be achieved when Smart Agriculture with integrated farming is activated and projection for its success is reviewed and executed as business.


Private individuals, Government, Private citizens, Government leaders, Policy makers, Firms, The rich and The wealthy are humbly beckon on to join hands with OPIBOLSTOW in this mission of Revolutionizing Agriculture and Future of Food for food sustainability and food security in order to jointly fulfill the clarion call either through collaboration, partnership, or execution as the world population increases and the four pillars of sustainability need our joint attention.

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