Robert Burale: What I learnt from my first marriage

Preacher and life coach, Robert Burale, says that many marriages are failing because people enter them for the wrong reasons.


In this digital era, Burale says many people are getting married just to flaunt their rings and be couple goals on social media. Others are getting married to cure the lust they have.


“Some its for the sex, the pressure…social media, everybody is getting married. Some people don’t marry friends…you need to marry for a purpose. If you marry for sex only, there is a man who can give your wife better sex out there,” Burale says.

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The relationship coach advises people to get married to their friends.


“That is why people like me are taking time, because we don’t want to enter into this thing casually.”

Burale, who is a divorcee says he learnt lessons from his previous marriage.

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“Don’t involve too many people in your home issues. When you bring in people you move further from each other. Not every person…even your friends who say you look like a happy couple are happy for you.


When you have a disagreement as man and wife you got to understand that you are fighting from the same side. If you fight where there has to be a winner and a loser then you will suffer,” he told Mpasho in an interview.


However, he does not regret marrying his ex-wife and they are still friends.

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“My ex-wife is a good person…a woman of God…a great human being. But I took my lessons and she also learnt her lessons,” he said.


On the trick of good co-parenting, Burale says, “Put your egos down.”


On his personal living, Robert Burale says he has been celibate since 2013 after his marriage ended.


Celibacy refers to the act of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, typically for religious reasons.


“I have been celibate since 2013. Na mimi ni Mluhya.”

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Adding he says,

“Sex is important in marriage even for us believers but it’s not everything.”


Burale says despite his marriage not working he looks forward to the day he will get married.


“I desire marriage, I do not have the grace to be single.”


Burale has always been termed controversial for the relationship advice he gives. Many question why he feels he is the right person to give such advice considering he isn’t married?


His answer to this is that he has been there and done that hence he is the best person to advise others who might need it.

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