Roseline Ebunobi Foundation (REF) helped free Nigerians stranded in Kenya

Friday, 31st of January, 2020 was emotional for all of us at the Roseline Ebunobi Foundation (REF) upon the safe return of our Nigerian brothers -Adams and Victor who were detained by the Kenyan Government.


This wouldn’t have been achievable if we at the Roseline Ebunobi Foundation (REF) did not raise awareness by reaching out to the Nigerians in the Diaspora commission (NIDCOM) @nidcom_gov via a phone call, followed by an official email. I must commend the Nigerians in the Diaspora commission for their laudable action and timely intervention.


Adams contacted us in December via social media and since then, the foundation has been making efforts within its capacity to be of assistance to him. This became necessary because of his traumatizing experience to the point of even considering suicide.

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Adams told us about his ailment while he was locked up in a room. No diagnosis before medicines were given.


The story behind Adams’ return is beyond “The Return of two Nigerians Stranded in Kenya” that is all over the media right now.

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Can we find time to hear their side of the story?

The Chairman of Nidcom, Hon Abike Dabiri and her team are doing such a great job and should be commended.


The government has promised to empower the returnees and we at REF are committed to following the process through.
Let’s be our brother’s keeper.
All lives matter.
We are ONE ☝🏼.
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About Roseline Ebunobi Foundation (REF):
Roseline Ebunobi Foundation (REF) is a non-profit organization whose vision is to resolve conflict, provide entrepreneurship and skill-based training for youths and women in rural and urban communities and access to information and resources to help underserved people live a healthy life in Nigeria and beyond. Our interventions have also educated girls in secondary schools, orphans and Internally Displaced Persons on the importance of personal and menstrual hygiene and personal and mindset development education.


The foundation was officially registered in Nigeria in 2016 under the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Non-Governmental Organisation. REF was founded in 2007 by a circle of friends and family (local and global) coming together to positively affect the lives of socially excluded people, from reaching out to a smaller group of people to a wider community.

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“Everyone deserves access to opportunities and resources to enable them to reach their highest potential. Where there is a lack of both amongst a group of people in a country, the poverty rate increases. To solve a problem, the root cause has to be addressed.” – Roseline Ebunobi


At REF, we think outside the box and we are open to collaboration and synergy with individuals, volunteers, and organizations who share a common goal. This approach creates an independent and sustainable solution and opportunities for this group of people.” That is why we believe that to achieve economic and social growth, we must feed our minds with the right content, and be willing to take action to solve problems with the resources available to us.

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