Ruby Ojiakor: A relationship without money is bound to fail

Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor believes money is one of the important factors that determines a successful relationship.


According to her, a relationship where love is present but money is absent is bound to fail.


Speaking during an interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress said, “Love is important but it is not enough to make a relationship work. Money (has to be) involved. There will be serious problem in a case where there is love without money.


“There won’t be respect in that home. Love is not enough. Both partners should have something doing. Once there money, the family and relationship will be sweet.”

Ruby Ojiakor: A relationship without money is bound to fail
Ruby Ojiakor

Reacting to her opinion, a Facebook user @Ifechukwu Orah said, “All I know is that me I can’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t spend on me. My love language is gifts, I love gifts and I love giving gifts. If I can’t get anything from you in the course of our relationship, I can’t stay long in that relationship period.”

Meanwhile, Former presidential aide and human rights activist Reno Omokri says that if a relationship cost you money then there’s no love.

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Reno took to his Twitter page to chide men who give money and other material things to their girlfriends instead of giving to them only his heart.


He said;

“Dear men, if a relationship costs you money, it is not love. Don’t fall for the God so loved the world that he ‘gave’ line. God did not give money or material things. He gave his son. If a woman says that to you, give her your heart, not money!”

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But in another post Omokri made it known that a man without money is a man without power.


He opined that men should take the creation of wealth more seriously than their physique.


The social media activist said that a man who does not have money lacks power.


Explaining his statement further, the bold man said that a man who wants power should not spend his time at the gym growing muscles.

According to him, muscles only lead to strength. Omokri stated that a labourer is strong but a multimillionaire is powerful.


He advised his followers to get power as they can use it to buy strength.


A man without money is a man without power. If you want power, dont just spend time in the gym growing muscles. Create wealth. Muscles lead to strength. A labourer is strong, but a multimillionaire is powerful. Get power and you can buy strength

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