When you look at what is happening between Russia and Western Powers as it relates to the former’s “unprovoked” invasion of Ukraine, you would truly appreciate why it is important for a country to be truly Sovereign and independent. Russia has simply left no one in doubt that she is not ready to negotiate her sovereignty with any other nation and blocs of nations, even when she is wrong, like in the current circumstance, when that Putinized country is immorally intimidating its less endowed neighbor.


Bakassi is a territory that used to incontrovertibly be Nigerian. With its rich oil deposits and beautiful population, that country was given away to Cameroon by the International Court and within months, Nigeria had pulled back its forces and taken down its flag, without as much as caring about thousands of its citizens who became stranded as a result of that action. Cameroon was only interested in tapping up the oil reserve in that territory and doesn’t seem to care a hoot about the human population in that area.


Nigeria could have at least made a pretext to a standoff. But, like some hungry and frightened dog, we ran with our tails tucked in our tummy.


There is one interloping extortionist called Bruce Fein who has been running around Nigerian Courts, even when it is obvious he doesn’t have a license to practice law in Nigeria. But he keeps granting inciting media interviews talking down on Nigeria. But apparently because he is a citizen of America, Nigerian authorities are afraid to take the needed action against him. If Bruce Fein made any attempt at such in Russia or China or even any other country worth it’s name, he would either be thrown into an underground cell, or if he is a little lucky, deported and banned from ever stepping his feet on Nigeria.

Imagine a situation where Nigeria declares an intention to invade Cameroon, for instance, over issues relating to security or commerce, and France, for instance issues a statement warning against such moves. Nigeria will not only withdraw any attempt to do that, but the President might crawl on his knees to beg for forgiveness.


Russia under Putin may be pursuing immoral and unjustifiable expansionist agenda, but the truth of the matter is that Putin has made his country so formidable that it will be impossible for any Western Power to order her around.


What makes a nation truly sovereign is not merely the raising of a flag or ownership of a currency, that might as well not be too superior to a tissue paper. A country’s military might, economic position, digital technology wherewithal, etc are what makes a country really sovereign.


If Russia was like Nigeria that doesn’t produce her ammunition, the simple thing the Western country would have done was to block her from accessing any ammunition and supply a little ammunition to Cameroon and we could become a debris nation in a matter of days. Talking about ammunition is going too far. Ordinary ban on exporting refined petrol to Nigeria will be enough deterrence to any action any heady President might contemplate.


Russia is holding the the World Powers to ransom, not only because of its military capacity. America and UK can unite and bomb the living hell out of Russia in a matter of weeks, but Russia could destabilize the world’s economy, unsettle the financial market and even inject viruses into the world’s data system. This is why even in imposing sanctions, America and its allies are careful, because they are also hurting the world’s economy and not just that of Russia.

For a nation to be reckoned with in international politics, she must make herself useful or dangerous. That is why North Korea, Iran, Cuba and other “renegade” countries are more powerful in international politics than Nigeria and many other countries.


The next Nigerian President must work consciously towards making Nigeria a truly sovereign and independent nation, or we would rather apply to be formally recolonized by Britain or even Russia.


Nigeria doesn’t have any of such capacities.

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