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Safety tips for Sugar Daddies to prevent story that touches

Safety tips for Sugar Daddies to prevent story that touches

Safety tips for Sugar Daddies to prevent story that touches


This ‘our work is getting very risky hence the need to share some safety tips.


Do background checks on the girl before climbing.


Avoid serviced b&b use normal per hour hotel. Risk of being caught is better dn death.


Instruct the reception to check on you every hour.


Avoid Unilag girls. Those ones their lecturers have so molested them that they lack human feelings.


Do more of church based university girls like Covenant, Mountain Top and Babcock those ones may not kill but will only castrate.


Avoid light skinned ones. They are in demand so their anger rate from over use is high.


Make sure at least one person has you contacts at all times.



Be very clear as to the details of the transaction before u enter room.


Agree on specific terms and they must sign undertaking that no harm will come to you as you embark on this journey.

Safety tips for Sugar Daddies to prevent story that touches
Safety tips for Sugar Daddies to prevent story that touches

Clear the room of all potential weapons. Knifes, cutlery, curtains and sex toys with sharp tips amongt others.


Keep a body guard in the room to watch and keep u safe as u hump. Not Spy police o, preferably retired SARS operative.


Date your friends children at least you know their background.


Don’t go too far from your circle- church, office, residence in getting small girls. The mutual fear of disgrace will keep both of u in check.


Up your sexual game. All the old man 2minutes used to frustrate the young girls and could lead to ur death.


Befriend their small boyfriend. Let the largesse reach him directly. He wil fill up the sexual gap and keep her happy.


Take self defense classes- boxing, gun handling and acid throwing.


Never Never sleep after rounds of sex. This is the most dangerous. Once sleep is catching u. Pay for another room and lock the door. Old men sleep after sex, don’t knw why.



Make sure there is CCTV. A sex tape is far better than a coffin.


Teach your old wife some of these things. Threesome, kinky sex, sex with porn all the things that drives you to the millennial killer.


Have a register of counterparties complete with details and never go outside your register. Have members in every state of the federation so you only shag pole on your register.


If you do not have, for N50k I’ll provide you a comprehensive database complete with last HIV and Covid test result.


Have DPO number in your area of operation.


Finally buy Annonymous Nipples and get more safety tips.




Thank you

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