“Samuel Sako may soon go to jail” – Eric Tataw

"Samuel Sako may soon go to jail" - Eric Tataw

Ambazonians in America wants to organize protest against ‘fake’ pastor, Samuel Sako in front of the FBI Headquarters at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C, USA.


They are calling on the FBI to investigate financial impropriety – mismanagement and embezzlement of ‘My Trip To Buea’.


Firebrand activist Eric Tataw has enlisted hundreds of Ambazonians living around the DMV to rally with placards asking the FBI to investigate the biggest financial scam in the history of the Ambazonian revolution.


The protest will be organized as soon as the Covid-19 lockdown expires.


Comrade Eric Tataw states that a class action law suit will be equally filed in Maryland, the state where the fake pastor resides.


Ambazonian activists will also be submitting to the desk of the FBI; bank, hotel and other transactions that Sako and a few engaged in that squandered MTTB.


The FBI would have to ask Sako what his source of income is that gave him money to buy a new home and engage in outlandish spending spree around the United States.


Eric Tataw hopes to reduce the work of the FBI by supplying financial transactions of Sako between February 2018 to December 2019.


Quizzed what they intend to gain, the protest organizers state that, “when Sako goes to jail, it will deter others from milking fat from the Ambazonian revolution”.


Meanwhile, Mark Bareta, the godfather seems to have made arrangements to attend the protest while comrade Tapang is currently designing placards.


The trio – Mark, Eric and Ivo are expected to bury their differences and pull their supporters sometime next month in downtown Washington.


“Our Comment: Action speak louder than words. The clock is ticking…”


Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako is the interim president of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. He was elected acting interim president in March 2018, a month after Julius Ayuk Tabe, the first president, was abducted in Nigeria and transferred to Cameroon.

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