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Sculpt Fitness Studio – Private, Group, Home Service

Sculpt Fitness Studio - Private, Group, Home Service

Sculpt Fitness Studio is a fitness studio where the body and mind is shaped for optimum wellness, fitness and performance.

It is a traditional fitness studio with foundation from martial arts. With vast experience in medical fitness of mind, body and soul, the instructors combine this with martial art to deliver a more effective fitness experience.

Sculpt Fitness Studio - Private, Group, Home Service

Unlike your regular fitness ground or space, the studio is ‘fixed with focused “training equipments” and best of serenity – a haven for personal or simple group classes, perfect for private and “aim-focused” individuals.


It is a fully private gym offering the best in private one on one personal training, small group workouts, and athlete performance.

With over 10years of experience the studio have been able to help hundreds of men and women in Lagos to achieve their fitness goal of weight loss, strength improvement, and an overall increase in health!



With a team of personal trainers having unique strengths and skill sets, a private gym that is kept clean, with all related equipments needed for personalized workouts available, and proven experience, “we are confident that we can help you reach your fitness goals in a safe way!”


They offer CHAMPION Classes for:

Body Transformations
Personal Training
Group Classes



Tai-Chi (Breathing and Stretching)

Karate (Shotokan)




These classes are available for Individual, Group (Companies and Families) and Home Service; for Children and Adults.

Also as a sculpting fitness studio, they are available for specialized or extra training session for children and teens who are into Swimming, Basket Ball, Rugby, Karate (Shotokan), Athletes.

Sculpt Fitness Studio - Private, Group, Home Service

Our fitness levels is not just important to physical health but also our mental health. Perfecting our fitness improves not just our performance as athletes but also our quality of life as we get older.



The SCULPT FITNESS STUDIO is located at 88 Raymond Njoku, Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria. The first step to get started with us is to come in for a free session; after which you fix your classes with your ‘best dedicated schedule’.


Dedicated Equipments available are:

  • Elliptical
  • Free weights
  • Bench press
  • Punching bag
  • Chin-up bar
  • Back extension



Classes run from Monday to Saturday.

Classes Already available for Group:


Pound – 6-7pm

Karate – 7-8pm



Pound – 6am – 7am



Pound – 6-7pm

Karate – 7-8pm



Pound – 6-7am



Pound – 6-7pm

Karate – 7-8pm




Pound – 7-8am

Tai-Chi – 8-9am

Swimming (Dryland Training) – 10: 30am – 12pm

The studio also offer complete Body Massage.

Sculpt Fitness Studio - Private, Group, Home Service


P.S. Feel free to still make inquiry for update and personalised classes.



Either give us a call at +2349074333435, 0702 501 1301 or Whatsapp

Instagram: @sculptnaija

Email: [email protected]


Again, I find out that to trek is good health wise. If you cannot trek, watch it, you are beginning to have health issue. At times I walk 10,000 steps a day and it is helping me. That is why I advise people to do same. See our late friend, Ernest Asuzu. When I went to his show, I called his wife and told her that her husband is not healthy with the way he was getting fat. I never knew that would be the last time I would see my dear friend. – Baba Fryo, March 2021.

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