Sen Barr Ifeanyi Ubah: An Undisputable Force Of Nature

Sen Barr Ifeanyi Ubah: Even before Ebubechukwu Uzo Nnewi declared his intentions to run for the post of Governor of Anambra State, Ndi Anambra including the opposition political parties, knew they were in for a fight and shivered at the thought of running against the most popular, loved and recognised African on the planet … Their fears were justified as proved by the just concluded elections where the top 4 are viz;

APGA – 112,229
PDP – 53,807
APC – 43,285
YPP – 21,261


The figures are staggering and a true reflection of the might, capacity and doggedness of His Excellency, Sen Barr Ifeanyi Ubah as he got votes across every LGA in Anambra State and won his stronghold, Nnewi overwhelmingly to put a dent in the 21/21 record set earlier by APGA, of which he was pivotal to in 2017.

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Despite battling an amalgam of oppositions of Federal and State Governments mights, who ganged up to attack the YPP and took away large chunks from it, yet it stood firm to emerge a comfortable 4th on the log, not to mention the devastating effects of the murders, Insecurity and voter apathy had on the YPP faithfuls.

With the State and Federal Governments pumping tens of billions into the election as well as a plethora of corporate support to lean on, the Young Progressives Party solely funded by Ikemba Igbonine stood up and was duly counted as evidenced by the gap between the YPP and other solely funded parties like:

LP – 2802
ZLP – 2082
A – 2054
SDP – 842
ADC – 324
NRM – 213
AA – 83

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The overwhelming evidence of targeted sabotage are the use of thugs to harass people who love Sen Barr Ifeanyi Ubah to the deployment of faulty electronic equipment to YPP strongholds across the State, are well documented and an open secret and while it may be termed as all part of the game, the point remains that everyone knows the capacity of Ebubechukwu Uzo Nnewi which is why he was specifically targeted and all manner of schemes deployed against him ONLY from every angle to snuff him out but in the end, they just couldn’t succeed because Ikemba Igbonine is seriously grounded and remains an unshakeable and unmovable force of nature, now and always.


Ikemba Igbonine is the greatest winner as he has cemented his political capacity for all ages and proved he is not a fluke or lucky but Ndi Anambra lost out on the best Governor in the history of the State, a man who passion and empathy for the betterment of humanity is unrivalled, a man too committee to make Igboland the center of the planet, a man whose magnanimity is beyond measure and a man whose undertakings are world-class and rock solid … Ndi Anambra will have to manage with what they have got for the next 4yrs at least, which will be nothing when compared to what Sen Barr Ifeanyi Ubah has in store for us all but it is clear that we are not yet ready to advance beyond our current condition.


Congratulations Ebubechukwu Uzo Nnewi, the Capacity General of Africa … Odogwu abugho guy name.

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