Senator Ishaku Abbo Serves Prisoners With New Year Food at Yola

Senator Ishaku Abbo Serves Prisoners With New Year Food at Yola

Stepping with grace into year 2020, the Senator representing Adamawa Northern Senatorial District, Ishaku Abbo, served and distributed food to Prisoners at the Nigerian Correctional Service in Yola.


Senator Ishaku Abbo also promised to work on pardoning some inmates who were convicted, and are serving jail terms for various offences.


Hundreds of inmates at the Nigerian Correctional Service which was formerly known as the Nigerian prisons had gathered to their assembly place, to celebrate with Senator Abbo who was thanking God for his good deeds and to dedicate 2020 to Him.

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“A true religious practice is about showing concern to prisoners, taking care of widows, and orphans”, he said.


Abbo revealed that “today is a very prophetic day for me, not only because I visited the prisoners, but I also had the opportunity of eating on the same plate with them; I had the opportunity and unique the privilege of serving them food to eat. I think that gives me personal sens of serving prisoners”.

Senator Ishaku Abbo Serves Prisoners With New Year Food at Yola

The senator added that “We are trying to make them understand that they are not forgotten, and they are not bad people, they are not the worst people, they are humans being like you and I and any other person that is just unfortunate of being where they are today.”


Ishaku Abbo also encouraged the public to serve humanity first against all odds.


“We have hundreds and hundreds of inmates that are awaiting trial for years, I don’t think that is oK, justice delayed is justice denied.”


“And there are some others who have shown genuine repentance, they are already convicted. I have finished arrangement with the prison authorities so that they can compile their names for me and let us see what I can do.”


“Those that I can pay their fines in line with the constitution of Nigeria so that they can be freed.”


Alhaji Umar Audu, Controller of Correction, Nigerian Correctional Service, Adamawa State Command thanked the Senator for such a kind gesture on behalf of the Prison Command in Adamawa.


Audu confessed that hardly do they see men of high pedigree like the Senator visit, eat and laugh with prisoners; shaking hands and serving them by himself.

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