Seven Indicators the Fulani are preparing for JIHAD in Nigeria

Seven Indicators the Fulani are preparing for JIHAD against YORUBA, MIDDLE BELT AND SOUTHERN NIGERIA.


Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) wishes to alert Yoruba people again and again, that WAR is coming. People perish out of ignorance and famished for thirst of knowledge. We say it loud and clear, The Fulani are planning a continuation of the 1804 Jihad, the difference this time is that they will use the Nigerian State Institutions to prosecute the Jihad.


The Jihad is not for Muslims but for Fulani ethnic hegemony hiding under Islamic Faith. AOKOYA presents the 7 logical reasons:

1) 178,459 different types of arms and ammunition went missing from the police armoury that year “without any trace or formal report on their whereabouts.” 88,078 of them are AK-47 assault rifles, while 3,907 are others. The FG has done nothing. The guns got missing under the nose of the present Govt.


2) Armed terrorists currently have built tents near Shiroro and Kainji Dam. These are the biggest energy supply bases of Nigeria. The FG has done nothing 10 months running.

With the occupation, the entire South can be put to darkness and strangulated.

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This is at a time that mysterious fire caught the Egbin Thermal Station in Lagos.


3) Sheik Gumi reported that 120,000 armed men are in the North West alone. That is about 70 percent of the Nigerian Army,all Fulani. Think. Think. Can Yoruba or Igbo have ordinary 5000 armed men all in the bush? What will FG do? Think. The FG has never bombed NW to disperse the armed Fulani hub.


4) There is the waging of TERROR war to cow the SW. The agricultural belts of the SW are largely occupied by armed Fulani where they kidnap, seize land and rape women. The FG has done nothing. They even condemn Amotekun set up to checkmate the terrorists. Their ring leaders that escaped from Ibadan prison after the jail break are living big in Kwara State. Think. Think!

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Armed Fulani terrorist invaded Ogun Yelwa area, sacked them and occupied the territories. Can AOKOYA members invade Kano and sack villages and them occupy the space with arms? Think. Think.

The invasion of Kaduna runway by about 200 armed Fulani terrorists received only the slap in the wrist from the FG. Imagine, 50 armed AOKOYA men invading Lagos Airport runways? What will happen? What will FG do? Igboho did not kill anyone, just non violent demonstration but they went to his house and shot people dead, yet those who bombed the train and entered Kaduna runaway have not been arrested, not a single one of them. Are you sleeping dear? Are you alright? Are you thinking at all?

After the Kaduna run over, No single person has been arrested so also is the bombing of the rail track by Fulani terrorists.It is clear that the low scale war has started. Think. Think.


6) The Fulani currently occupy all the Strategic military institutions-DSS, Chief of Army Staff, Police IG, Immigration, ICPC, EFCC, NNPC, Nigerian Civil Defense Corps, Nigerian Prisons while the Strategic brigades are in their hands. What other evidence do you need?

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7) At present, many Fulani State capitals have banned Okada. They have moved down to SW. Each Okada rider is armed with at least Dagger or pistol. Imagine is ethnic riot erupts? Yorubaman is armed with pen and his phone while on the streets. While we sleep, the armed Okada Riders watch over us. Think. Think.


NB: If you think the 2023 elections will lead to a Yoruba President, you are mistaken. They are bent on producing another Fulani candidate after setting the Yoruba and Southerners against each other to create room for the Fulani emergence. If they want to really hand over, why fly the Jonathan, Amaechi kites,? Think.Think.


AOKOYA says: We see war coming. It is not a sin to prepare to defend yourselves. To be prepared is wisdom.
Not to make no preparation at all is the height of foolishness.


Remember the agelong norm:


A word is enough for the wise.



Col Abimbola Sowunmi


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