#SexFroGrade: Initiator Kiki nominated For Emmy award 

#SexFroGrade: Initiator Kiki nominated For Emmy award


The BBC Africa Eye : Sex For Grade investigation started a cultural revolution, bringing to the fore more than at any other time the conversation about lecturers in our universities demanding sexual favours for grades. And the rewards, deservedly, keep coming with the newest one being and International Emmy Award nomination  for the Current Affairs.

SexFroGrade: Kiki Emmy award 
#SexFroGrade: Initiator Kiki nominated For Emmy award 

The investigation is nominated alongside others from Brazil, the UK and Sweden.


Kiki Mordi shared the news on her Twitter, writing:

Here’s me, despite being an emotional mess, announcing that


#BBCAfricaEye‘s #SexForGrades is nominated in the “Current Affairs” category for this year’s international Emmys. Every single soul that made this project come alive deserves this honor!

A lot of feminist on twitter has taken over the media channel to display their happiness, like even stated this is the best time to be a feminist and they would be so happy to see her win this category as this will compensate her all the drama she went through during the #SexForGrade charade, while a lot of people are happy for her, some twitter users also came up with the fact that #Kiki has become a very bitter woman since the whole case of the #SexForGrade, some stated they had to unfollow her due to the level of bitterness she has shown so far.


So happy for her and the entire team, we at Gbetu TV are seriously happy for the win on Kiki side, and we hope she come out a winner in the Emmy award as this will give the #SexForGrade initiation a better meaning in our society.

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Student should be free to read, and pass without having to go through the fear of been failed because they didn’t yield to one lecturer or the other asking for their body in return, we should live in a society where your brain is what determine your success in education… Non money or your body.

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