Re: Shaibu, Ogie plot attack on APC leaders with dynamites, other dangerous weapons

Re: Shaibu, Ogie plot attack on APC leaders with dynamites, other dangerous weapons


……Hon Shaibu and Ogie are known defenders of Democracy and not plotters of evil….. have always gone about defending democracy, past and present and in a more transparent and people friendly manner


……says those who plot attacks were those formidable the formation of the “ Political Infantry Division” in Edo State

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The attention of members of the ‘Vanguard for Transparent governance’ (VTG) has been drawn to a publication trending on Social Media and cruelly cooked up by not just a known notorious element but a frustrated nitwits called John Mayaki whose stock in trade has been tendency to libellous & false publications – that the above named personalities have plotted attacks on APC leaders. This information is not only frivolous, libellous, callous and deceptive, it is also an attempt to divert attentions of the well meaning Edo people who, through prayers, best wishes and other means have not relented in their unflinching supports for the Gov. Godwin Obaseki/Hon Shaibu led administration for their transparent application of Edo resources to the successful governance in the last 3 & half years


The question is, who are the APC leaders targeted? The leaders who doggedly stood behind the duo of Obaseki & Shaibu for Edo 2020 or those of the EPM extraction? From all indications , 90% of APC leaders are solidly behind the struggle to return Obaseki & Shaibu comes June 22nd, 2020. Given the facts above, does it make sense to have such people eliminated as a reciprocation for their untiring gestures or encouraged to do give more supports? This makes it categorically clear that this man is not only deficient of idea, reason with tongue instead of brain, he is also delusional to the reality on ground.

At first, Mayaki and co in their attempts to sell a wrong message to the National Chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole about Obaseki – gave the impression that Obaseki has no control of the Party structure in the State, quoting non-patronage of its members/leaders as their reasons. Disappointed they eventually became having fruitlessly and woefully failed in their efforts to use the structure to frustrate His second term bid. Soon as Mayaki & his co travellers realized that they have lost grip of the structure and that the leadership of Obaseki, Shaibu & Barr Ogie has been doing the needful for the Party leaders as against the dummy sold to Comrade Oshiomhole and knowing fully well that they would loose gallantly if the indirect process becomes the option at last, hence they decided to change the tones of the music and started pushing for Direct method where manipulations are imminent.

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You would recall that John Mayaki was an interim CPS to Edo state Governor, Godwin Obaseki at the very beginning of this administration. As the government moved on, the supposedly future leader and a role model to the upcoming ones started some awkward moves, the ‘quick rich syndrome’ which the government of Obaseki obviously abhors. He had tried severally to lure Mr Governor and sharply defraud Edo people through his office but failed. Little did he know that Mr Governor is a man with fierce prohibition to corruption and theft. Being who Mr Governor is, given His repugnance to shortcuts to ‘quick riches’ coupled with His drive to eliminate treasury looting tendencies, he (Mayaki) was dropped as CPS bringing in a more competent hand with the absolute prohibition to looting Pere, in the person of Crusoe Osagie.


Ever since then, John Mayaki has never remained the same. He could go any length to speak or write ills about this government so long it has to do with how Obaseki government would fail as well as His second term bid. His decision to include the likes of Hon Shaibu and His political twin brother, Bar Ogie in His nefarious moves is not farfetched. Hon Shaibu & Bar Ogie has stood their ground doggedly, ruggedly and in accordance with the tenets of the business , detached themselves from the cruel plans of Mayaki’s demigod, Comrade Oshiomhole whose penchant for satanic cookings against Obaseki of recent knows no bounds.

I ask Mayaki to summon courage and speak truth to power regardless of what he stands to benefit, about who actually has penchant for violence, killings, assassinations as has been the trade mark that dominated the previous administration. As a matter of facts, Mayaki can not pretend over his candidate (Ize Iyamu)’s love for criminalities as well as social vices, as his stories about his days in tertiary institutions speaks volumes of his kind. Mayaki should not shy away from the story of how a fellow student was bathed with acids by his co- traveller . Mayaki should not hesitate to intimate the public of his knowledge on how his candidate, Osagie Ize Iyamu masterminded multiple attacks on members of Edo State House of Assembly which almost led to deformity of Hon Shaibu’s family just because He (Hon Shaibu) stood his ground against the clandestine plans to unseat Adams Oshiomhole as Governor using PDP led Federal might immediately after the 2014 membership Registration and Congresses were concluded and was dawn on him that he would not be handed the governorship seat in 2016 as allegedly promised by his newly found friend.

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Through fair and just judgement; between Hon Shaibu, Ogie and Osagie Ize Iyamu and given the narrative above; I know Mayaki can now understand quite truthfully that it is his candidate & his main sponsor for APC ticket for 2020, Comrade Oshiomhole who doubles as the sole ‘Commander in Chief’ of the ‘political infantry division’, a group he intentionally put together for the purpose of assassinating and silencing of opposing voices to his political bids that truly has penchants for attacks & assassinations.


The neophyte should now know that Hon Shaibu and Bar Ogie that he sentimentally accused in his contentless writeup are Edo finests who have continually fought against oppressive tendencies, advocating for utmost regard for the restoration of good governance and preventing those with outright disregard for Edo of our collective dreams assess to our common patrimony.


Quite unarguably, in Edo today, the people know those who have penchant for killings and known as hired assassins, the likes of Kabaka & co and are as a matter of facts prominent members of the pro Oshiomhole group.




Vanguard for Transparent governance (VTG)

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