Should Parents question their Daughters when they come home Expensive?

A topic on parenting has ensued on social media with users reacting on if parents should question the lifestyle of their children , especially their daughters. With inflation around the world and in situation which many Nigerians have described as the “Buhari Erra” many parents have taken what is supposed to be external competition to another level; bringing the competition into their home – if one child is spoiling the parent with cash and gifts, the other child becomes a faliure, interestingly this competition is clearly shot amongst the daughters while the sons are natural carriers.


Twitter user, EbubeNna (@Grace_undiluted) have decided to poke this topic which has drawn many matured replies, especially angles that many tend to ignore. Some of these answers you may say does not count but many see this as reality of what is really happening.

Should Parents question their Daughters when they come home Expensive?

The Criminologist, fiction/reality writer is quoted saying;

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“Will we ever talk about the roles parents play in the wayward lifestyle of their children especially daughters. Your unemployed Child will bring things home, use expensive gadgets and not once did you stop to ask her “where did you get that from?” You dance when they buy you stuf knowing fully well that they have no means of affording it.

Some parents don’t regard their children if they don’t have money While worshiping the one that brings in money hence pushing others to the wall.”

Should Parents question their Daughters when they come home Expensive?

Here is what Tweepees have to say;

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Okeke Jennifer (@onyinyeokeke30) says, “Some parents send their daughters to school without giving them monthly allowances or give them so little as 5 to 7k which won’t be enough for a month and still not question their children when they don’t ask for allowances for months and are wearing expensive clothes and wigs

And are using expensive phone. We can’t try this in my house, u will bring the man that bought u the for questioning ”


kenechukwu® (@Echi_di_ime) says “I know such story, she will go & come back with goodies.
Christmas go reach ur daughter wey dey Skol go come back house with bag of rice and many foodstuffs for Christmas. During holiday she won’t come home.
Atimes she leaves home & return days leta, the mum will dance &call”

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VICTOR I. DOMINIQUE (@VictorDwinner) asked, “Everyone talking about poverty … poverty is now the excuse right??? Why is Nigerian like this???”


Replying randomly, SimiNow (@iremyke) says, “It is the poverty that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our homes.
Whose parents won’t be happy seeing the children bringing good stuff home will asked them to return it or question them about it knowing fully well that they are not promised the next day meal.


The Iphy42 (@Iphy421) replied “My parents won’t be happy with such. I dare not bring anything home which wasn’t bought by them. Till I got married, they taught me to manage what I receive from them. I know that some parents are like that too

SimiNow (@iremyke) replies, “Thank God for your parents. In this days where a man has 4 wives and 16 children, how did you expect me the Man to take care of the family. This kind of things happen in such family.”


Supporting SimiNow, 2_bosun (@2_tubosun) replying to @Grace_undiluted said “Good point but sometimes it’s easier said than done. A family in abject poverty that barely eat once a day then from nowhere the daughter begins to “lift” them out of their condition, gives them cash, pays siblings school fees.. Etc

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What would most parents in this situation do?”

Should Parents question their Daughters when they come home Expensive?

EbubeNna then asked Bosun, “So poverty is the excuse now”

Bosun replied “No one is making any excuses

We are just stating possible causes of events. Did you see my justify?

That i stated possible reasons why such happens isn’t any form of justification. We can all think broadly and not always tilt towards one side”


“My boss sold his Honda prelude car to me few months I started working. Took the car home my parents asked from where,I told them. Next day they came to my office to confirm. It was true. That was when they blessed the car. My boss and colleagues respected me more after that day.”


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