Side Effects of eating too many Bananas

While you may believe that all bananas have the same health advantages and hazards, you must consider ripeness, banana varietals, and other factors before drawing any health conclusions.

While eating bananas in moderation might help you get essential vitamins and minerals, consuming too many can put you in danger.


Below are the dangerous side effects of eating bananas:

1. You may gain weight

You would think that bananas’ fiber content will keep you full and help you lose weight, but if you consume too many of them, your weight loss ambitions will be shattered.

According to Penn Medicine, bananas are high in carbohydrates and calories and, when consumed in moderation, can help you lose weight. When consumed in excess, the contrary is truer than ever. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the greater sugar content in bananas promotes weight gain, so if you eat a lot of this fruit, you should expect to gain a few inches around your waist.

To stay on track with your weight loss goals, avoid eating too many bananas on a slimming diet.

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2. You may experience tooth decay

When you eat sweet fruits, you put your dental health at danger. According to the Orlando Sentinel, bananas can cause more tooth damage than chocolate and sugary gum. Imagine the damage that consuming bananas can cause to your lips when these figures just account for moderate banana consumption!

If you want to keep your teeth and dentist happy, don’t eat too many of these sugary fruits the next time you get a craving. Also Read: See five(5) reasons you should eat cucumber at night.


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3. You may experience constipation

Bananas, according to Makerere University, contain a significant amount of tannic acid in each meal. While this molecule isn’t harmful in modest amounts, anyone who eats several bananas in one sitting may have a serious adverse effect. High levels of ingested tannic acid, according to a study published in the journal Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, can cause significant constipation.

While we’ve all had constipation at some point, chronic constipation can cause serious harm to our GI system and necessitate a trip to the doctor. Put down the bananas to avoid this seemingly innocent impact!


4. You may have migraines

Nothing like toppling over in pain from a sudden-onset migraine can wreck a wonderful, productive day. Certain chemicals and minerals have been proved to cause this medical issue, and bananas sadly include one of these dangerous substances. The chemical tyramine has been demonstrated to alter the ways in which migraines develop, according to a study released by the United States National Library of Medicine, and bananas, unfortunately, contain a lot of this molecule. If you can avoid it, don’t risk being crippled by the discomfort of a migraine, and restrict your banana consumption to avoid any extra pain.

5. Your blood will spike

While those of us with diabetes can occasionally have a banana, consuming too many can cause major health complications. The glycemic index (GI) of an overripe banana is 62, putting it in the moderate GI category, according to the University of Sydney. According to a study released by the US National Library of Medicine, those who want to control their blood sugar should avoid consuming significant amounts of food and beverages with a moderate or high GI. High blood sugar can cause diabetic comas and even death in those of us who can’t balance insulin levels appropriately, making this fruit an especially dangerous pick to overeat.

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