Simma: The key to pursuing music

Simma: The key to pursuing music

In this interview, we catch-up with Simone Smikle, simply know by stage name Simma, following the release of her latest single “Pose Up”.

Simma is a UK/Jamaica based artiste who is already making a mark in the entertainment industry. Her sassy lyrics and melodies have given her a unique formula that is fresh and catchy; with a fusion of UK rap & dancehall.


She is currently a cast in a new international reality show – “Dancehall Divas”, season 1.

Below is an except from the interview with her;

I understand your stage name is Simma, I bet that’s just your stage name.

Yes Simma is my name, given to me by family & friends as my birth name is “Simone” & after the “Beanie man “ hit song “Sim Simma” came out family/friends Just started to sing it to me when addressing me.


Can you please introduce yourself formally for our audience’s sake.

My name is Simone Smikle aka Simma.

I’m a UK artist/entertainer.
My style is dancehall mixed with rnb and rap.

I am also a TV personality.


Again, just to be clear, where did the name ‘Simma’ come from?

Simma comes a from my original name.
Simone & shortened Sim.. then ended up with Simma.


When did you start doing music officially as a career and for how long have you been doing music as a career?

I have been doing my music from as young as 14. I have always had a passion for music
But I think I started taking it seriously more as a adult in my 20s.


How can you categorize the kind of music you do and what genre of music are you into?

I am a UK artist from Jamaican descent. So
My culture always plays heavily in my music. Reggae & dancehall is installed in me even before birth, so that”s why it’s so dominant in my sound, but you can also hear allot of R ‘n”B ,rap, UK drill & rare groove in my sound also.


Who / What inspired you into doing music?

I come from a very musical family all we do is play music all the time. I was also brought up around sound system as my Uncle & Dad had a sound system and would play out at functions and parties regularly, that I would attend sometimes.

They use to MC on the mic while selecting music and one day I got the courage to go on the mic at a party since then I knew this was something I loved to do.


Which music artistes’ did you grow up listening to?

Growing up I listen to various artistes and genres Dennis brown, Bob Marley, Shabba Ranx, Micheal. Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Mary j bliege, Lil Kim, TLC & the lost goes on & on & on.

Simma: The key to pursuing music

Have you ever worked with or consider working with a Nigerian music artiste? If yes, who would that be?

Yes! I would love to work with some Nigerian artistes, Burna boy, WizKid… off course who wouldn’t. I love Tems and Tiwa Savage.


How has the music journey been for you so far?
What are the challenges you have faced? And what is the motivating factor of your music career that keeps you pushing?

It’s been a tough one I can’t lie
Trying to stay motivated when you don’t have access to certain things and just the beauty of knowing you will find away.
The key to pursuing music is just loving what you do and believing in your self.
Sometimes you just have to shut out the outside world & not over think how you are being perceived & just don’t stop doing what you love because 1st & foremost. I do it because I love music & love what I do.


Your kind of music is unique and very different from the regular sound we have here in Nigeria, do you see yourself breaking the norm by storming the Nigerian music market in the nearest future?

Yes I love Afro beats and I also have made Afro beats tracks and explored the sound. I’m definitely coming on the Afro beats scene with something hot. I am a very versatile artist so this is something I’m excited to explore. I love Afro beats.


Are you signed to any record label or you have your own brand label?

I am currently a independent unsigned artiste. But I would like to have my own label in the near future growing new talent.


What would you be doing if not music? Any other career option?

I have never really been someone to do just one thing anyway. At the moment I’m working on some online fashion stores and also TV entertainment.


What other talents do you have?

I am a trained actress I have also done a reality TV show “Dancehall Divas” .
I also have a passion for clothing & fashion & fitness being a qualified fitness professional.


For you, is music majorly passion driven or money driven?

Definitely passion driven . I Love music.


How do you think the media has impacted or improved the music industry?

It’s helpful for artist that are unsigned and unheard of and talented that are coming up.


What’s your best stage performance experience/memory? What year? Location? And why is it?

I preformed for the Prince of Bruni on his birthday at the grand Palace in Bruni when I was a teenager with my 1st solo song. It was an amazing breath taking experience. Now he has sadly passed away so Rest In Peace “Prince Azim”.

Do you have any EP/ album(s) to your name?
Whats the title and what inspired the title of the album?

I am currently working on a body of music (Album).


When you no longer do music, what would you want your fans to remember you for?

I think I would like to be remembered for my daring ambition and thinking out of the box.

I tend not to form to society’s rules of where you should be & what you should be doing at stages in your life. “Fearless” to sum it up in 1 word.

Simma: The key to pursuing music

Are you single, taken or taken for granted?

Loool all of the above.


Are you in any relationship or situation ship?

Yes I am.


Have you ever considered dating anyone in the music industry? And who’s that?

I try not to date in the industry as its a very male dominated industry, and I take my music seriously & don’t like to get in a situation where the two gets confused. But there was one particular person I had my eye on but it didn’t quit work out so we are just friends.


What’s next for you? Any ongoing project/plan?

More music!! My goal this year is to work on a album while building my profile and brand. Working on other business endeavours and possibly more Tv work.


One message for your fans, what would that be?
Thank you for your support so far I appreciate it and I see every single message, comment and words of encouragement and I really appreciate it. Stay tuned bigger and better me to come.


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