Sista Afia Decieves fans of being single, condones secret relationship with Kelvynboy

Ghanaian fast rising music artiste, Sista Afia, after have been accused with proof of condoling secret relationship with  Kelvynboy. This was gladly revealed by a female fan out of anger of being stood up for selfie.

This is coming just few days after Sista Afia claimed in one of her interviews that she was single and dosen’t need a man.

Well a message came from an anonymous source via social media, accusing Stonebwoy’s Kelvynboy having a secret fling with another singer Sista Afia.

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According to her, these two singers have been involved in a relationship for close to two months now and has videos to back her statement.

Read below:

Hi I want my name hidden from this because i don’t want attention just wan to give you this news.
Sista Afia said in one of her interviews that she is single and don’t need any man tho she finds Kelvynboy to be sexy. I say this is not true, I mean the part where she said she is single because I know she’s dating Kelvynboy
Me and my girls were in Carbon Nyt Club last month for Kelvynboys show where Sista Afia too was present. The two of them were all over each other like falling in love with someone from start. That feeling where you two want to keep holding each other’s hands for ever
I don’t mean to gossip or anything because me I love Sista Afia’s songs so when I saw her in person I told my friends I won’t leave until I take a picture with her, that is when i had to keep waiting till she leaves Kelvynboy before I could take that picture
They were alone and talked for very long and everyone in the club realized they were up to something. One of my girls did Snapchat’s of them that night which I’ll send to you soon.
One lady who came with Kelvynboy even tried pulling him from Sista Afia but you see they were too busy in the middle of whatever they were talking about and she got angry.
This is what we have from our source including a 40 seconds video of Kelvynboy and Sista Afia that night inside Carbon Night Club.

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