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Sit-at-home Cancellation: AS New Military wing of BIAFRA emerge

Presidency reveals major fear for IPOB, warns Yoruba Nation
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Sit-at-home Cancellation: AS New Military wing of BIAFRA emerge




They have deceived us. A New Military wing of BIAFRA will emerge since IPOB-DOS have lost sense of direction.


IPOB is not BIAFRA and BIAFRA is not IPOB.

IPOB Leader and the humble servant of BIAFRA said any day we look for him and don’t see him that the zoo should be burnt down.

Sit-at-home Cancellation: AS New Military wing of BIAFRA emerge
Sit-at-home Cancellation: AS New Military wing of BIAFRA emerge

Prophet Nnamdi Kanu was actually talking to the Biafra National Guard in standby and Niger Delta Avengers in the creeks who will sink the zoo oil facilities, Oil Wells, oil rigs, oil companies, oil pipelines, oil installations, onshore, offshore.


I laugh at the DOS who make releases from Diaspora but can’t come to DSS dongeon to pay Prophet Nnamdi Kanu a courtesy visit.

IPOB is a registered Organization in Diaspora as a Mass Movement and not as a Arms bearing Force. Let them exonorate themselves from the sit-at-home and allow Biafrans who has vowed to sacrifice their Mondays to see to the release of Biafran Humble Servant Prophet Nnamdi Kanu.


Any attempt to threaten Biafrans which comprises of 31 provinces with controversial press releases is an automatic shooting in the legs of the IPOB-DOS.


This war that is brewing is war of the Indegenous masses and not war of a Non-violent group.


In BIAFRA today, we have many groups working to liberate BIAFRA. We also have so many Armed Wings on standby for war should the Fulanization and Islamization Mujahedeen Caliphate initiate their Jihad whose planned full implementation is by October ending.




Biafrans are Republicans. You don’t wake up one morning and impose sit-at-home on Mondays and wake up the next morning after several accusations and counter accusations from the highest office of IPOB-DOS on sabotage, money grabbing, having contacts and secret meetings with Nigeria evil Politicians and receiving lump sum of hard currencies from same.


We are aware how the members of the highest office of IPOB got information of the kidnap of Prophet Nnamdi Kanu and kept silent till he was almost killed in Kenya and Extraordinarily Renditioned in Nigeria. You only spoke up because your initial plans to them kill and dump him in Kenya failed.



Nnamdi Kanu said on Radio many years ago that any day he reverses whatever that is in the interest of BIAFRA and asks his followers to soft-pedal in the quest for BIAFRA restoration, he should be killed by his followers.

Based on these facts, let it be known to IPOB-DOS that the only person that has the confidence of Biafrans is Prophet Nnamdi Kanu. And this confidence should not be mistaken for a mandate from Biafrans because we’re yet to sign a Treaty and Instrument of Co-existence with all the Indigenous Nationalities that make up the 31 provinces of BIAFRA including those who originally is called by that name BIAFRA – The people of the Bight of BIAFRA from the IJAW-IZON province.


IPOB-DOS should be wary lest their followers sense their sabotage of the struggle and descend heavily on them and consume them like locusts.


Suffice it to say that your Un-Republican Threat to deal with those who are enforcing sit-at-home is coming at a time the Eastern Governors are lamenting and recounting their economic losses to the tune of #10Billion Naira every Monday which makes your press release very suspicious to the teaming suffering masses of Biafran extraction.


IPOB-DOS should roll out their modalities for BIAFRA restoration and carry-on with it and allow Biafran Masses and other Agitating groups to Marshall out their own plans for the struggle and follow suite.

Sit-at-home Cancellation: AS New Military wing of BIAFRA emerge
Sit-at-home Cancellation: AS New Military wing of BIAFRA emerge

The God-sent messenger we know is Prophet Nnamdi Kanu. Biafrans have looked for him and have not seen him. IPOB-DOS should continue with their court case and allow those who want to sit-at-home and or enforce it to do so except they have declared war on Biafrans. The threat to deal with those enforcing the sit-at-home should be coming from the State Governors who are the Chief Security Officers of the various States in the Eastern Region. They should roll out their security formationss including the recently created Ebube-Agu to catch those enforcing it hence it has been alleged the culprits are Agents of the State Governors.


We are however appalled that IPOB-DOS through it’s Media and Publicity Secretary never issued stern warning to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and Senator Hope Uzodimma who killed and deposited Hundreds of Imo youths in FMC mortuary and came on a ridiculous visit to mock those they killed and ridicule Biafrans that they can kidnap your leader and still walk free in your domain.


The Various Islamic Extremists fighting for an Independent Islamic State doesn’t threaten each other nor question each other’s method.

AL-QAEDA, AL-SHABAB, BOKO-HARAM, MIYETTI ALLAH, TALIBAN, ISIS, ISWAP are all after one aim but with various groups and different modus operandi yet non have interfered with the activities of each other hence the intention is towards Islamization and Fulanization thus; it is fool-hardy for IPOB-DOS through its media and Publicity Secretary to come out with such cowardly threats because as it stands now, the masses are suspicious of IPOB-DOS as the real Sabotuer and Traitors and have since decided to sacrifice Mondays to see to the unconditional release of their humble servant Prophet Nnamdi Kanu (PNK).


IPOB was registered in various countries as a Non-violent Mass Liberation Movement that will never take up Arms in their struggle to liberate Biafra. Biafra can never be free with Radio, TV and social media press releases alone because THE KINGDOM OF GOD SUFFERETH VIOLENCE AND ONLY THE VIOLENT TAKETH IT BY FORCE. Nnamdi Kanu recognized this and Armed ESN to Guard our forests and slow down the Fulani Terrorists invading Eastern region through it’s Northern Ebonyi-Benue axis. The Prophet and Messenger of Elohim has successfully completed his mission. His mission is to wake up the sleeping Leopards, Tigers, Lions and Lionesses of the Old Eastern Region and he is done. It will be a disappointment to him to hear that the Governors are lamenting a loss of #10Billion naira each day we sit-at-home and IPOB-DOS through it’s Media and Publicity Secretary threatens the people to call it off when Non of them in the IPOB-DOS has made any Sacrifice like the Lion-hearted Leader to dare visit him in DSS like he would have done himself.


IPOB-DOS/ EMMA POWERFUL, if you have collected money from Nigeria Government and Politicians, give them this message;

We have called off the sit-at-home but we don’t have the mandate and authority Nnamdi Kanu enjoyed from the masses. When they release the IPOB Leader and the Servant of the Great Biafrans, I assure you, the sit-at-home will stop automatically but failure to release him unconditionally and pay reparation for his Human Rights abuses, assault occasioning harm and brutal murderous torture while recruiting Boko-Haram Terrorists to infiltrate, disintegrate and capture The Nigeria Military base and Formations and the plans of the Radical Islamic Fulani led Federal Government to hand over the Country to Boko-Haram Terrorists like they did in Afghanistan will engulf Nigeria, Africa and the global community of Humanity whenever Biafrans might be domiciled into a Third World War that will see to the inevitable emergence of the small horn of the Revelation rise from the ashes of Global Conspiracy to Rule the Human Race as the last world power before the full establishment of the Kingdom of God here on Earth.


“On Nnamdi Kanu’s last words we stand.”


ONUOHA, Biafra National Guard.

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