Skin Solution: Can Carrot Oil and Shea Butter keep your skin Glowing?

So many of you have realized rapid change in your skin colour, most especially from light to dark, you have tried different solutions but still runs around chemicals and no result.

Well here is the first step and advice, natural does it, carrot oil or shea butter can restore and make glow. Reach Temi Badmus for better explanation.

You said light skinned individuals should use carrot oil.  Recently, I started having some issues with my skin. I’m naturally lightskinned. Started getting overly involved in soccer and exposure to sunlight and heat. I started becoming dark. But then, I’m looking forward to restoring the beauty of my skin. I purchased Shea butter (my aunt recommended it). Although I’ve not started using the Shea butter, I was told it’s gonna restore my light skin glow. Seeing carrot oil makes me feel like the Shea butter is probably a waste.


Both organic ingredients are good for the skin but the Malpighian layer are melanocytes, which produce the pigment melaninthat gives skin its tan colour, as each medicine is a cure to its specific illness so is natural remedies to special conditions…. I’ll say you should stick to the carrot oil, carrot has a special nutrient that can only be seen on light skinned individual….

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