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Social Media: A short Story on Anambra politics

Social Media: A short Story on Anambra politics

Social media has already destroyed my generation and reduced many to seasoned zombies. It’s a pity.

People now see everything as an avenue to play opposition politics, seek attentions and get likes or comments just to massage their ego with other delusional minds.

Someone went to Onitsha main market which is one of the largest markets in WEST AFRICA only to take pictures of the refuse dump site and follow it up with media publish to achieve what exactly?

  1. As a good citizen, in what way are you helping the society or the Government, What are you bringing to the table to advance the course of the State?

2. Most of the pictures are old or not from the site they claimed, but in an attempt to be relevant, they download and post without shame.

3. Did you seek the office of the market leaders to query them, since every market has leadership and such is part of their Job, to keep the market environment clean and healthy or report to Government for assistance.

4. Did you make any attempt to enquire how the market operates based on refuse evacuation, if its done daily or weekly.

5. Your parents who are traders in the said markets, how are they helping the Government to keep the environment clean.

Social Media: A short Story on Anambra politics

You just pick pictures and post because you have access to social media and start ranting without knowing the efforts of the concerned ministries or agency of the Government on daily basis.

Even clowns that stays in a dirty living room wants to get attention because Social media is an all comers affair stuff.

Dear kid, please have sense – it’s not too much to ask.

Hey! If you are reading this, then you must have read what I published above. Whether you like it or not, is you feeling at the moment. Don't pass it at me. Jo! ma kora momi. A mo, you are free to express yourself by using the comment section below.