Soludo set to face Unknown Gunmen in Anambra

The new Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo has set out to face unknown gunmen squarely after he ordered public servants in the state to report to work on Mondays.


Mondays have been considered a sit-at-home day in South-East over ‘fear and comfort’ after it was hijacked by unknown gunmen from the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).


The sit-at-home was meant to respect an Igbo man, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is fighting for the restoration of Biafra and is being held in custody by the Department of State Services (DSS) on behalf of the President Muhammadu Buhari led government for terrorism charges.

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Offices, including those of government and schools, have remained shut since the trial of the IPOB leader began last year and those who tried to disobey were often threatened by enforcers of the sit at home.


Although IPOB leadership had since rescinded the order, some youths have been molesting people who opened their shops for business, with warning that people of the South East must continue to sit at home on Mondays until Kanu is released from detention.

In a memo circulated Friday, Anambra Head of Service, Mrs. Theodora Igwegbe directed that workers should ensure that they are at their duty posts, warning that absence from work on Mondays would attract sanctions.

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The circular reads: “Following the need to reposition the service for better performance and productivity, His Excellency, the governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo has directed that henceforth, all public servants should report at their places of work every Monday as every other weekday.


“Consequently, absence from work on Mondays, or any other workday without any approval, will be viewed as serious misconduct, which will attract appropriate sanctions. This directive takes immediate effect”.

Soludo set to face Unknown Gunmen in Anambra
Soludo set to face Unknown Gunmen in Anambra

Recall that Soludo had in the course of his governorship campaign last year lamented the continued sit at home on Mondays in the South East, arguing that the zone was losing an estimated N19.6billion every Monday, while people who were coming to transact business in the zone were being forced to go to other parts of the country.

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Also speaking during his inauguration as governor, Soludo warned that there must be law and order in the state, even as he extended olive branch to all separatist groups that he would engage them in a conversation to ensure that peace and normalcy returned in the state.


Soludo said, “Every Monday sit-at-home must end in Anambra. Normal activities must resume in earnest. With the Monday sit-at-home, the South-East economy is sinking gradually. When you boycott activities in Anambra or any other part of the region, normal activities are going on in other parts of the country.


When normal activities are going on in other places, the person or persons you want to show your anger to is not actually feeling what you are doing. You are only destroying your home.

“It is high time we came back to our senses and do the right thing. We have proper ways and procedures to express our agitations than to engage in activities that can only destroy our home.


“In other parts of the country, schoolchildren attend classes for five days; but in Anambra and other parts of the South-East, it is only four days. At the end of the day, our children will go into common or unity exams with other children from other parts of the country.

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“Today, many businesses and investors are relocating to Asaba and other places. This is killing our economy and we cannot afford to continue that way.


“Personally, I endorsed the joint decision of Igbo elders, bishops and others that there should be a tripartite conversation about the issue of Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra agitation. Therefore, we must do things the right way; while we await such conversation.


“Therefore, with effect from Monday, April 4, 2022, every school, bank, market, motor pack and other human activities will resume in earnest. Any market leader who fails to mobilise traders in his market will be sanctioned; and any trader who fails to open his shop for business every Monday will also face sanction. School heads and operators of financial institutions should also take note.


“On our part as government, we are mobilizing security agencies, including the armed forces and informal security organizations to take charge, and to move all over the state to ensure that lives and property of our people are protected. Very soon, our people will start seeing the heavy presence of the security operatives.”


This move may lead to power tussle between the governor and the unknown.


Already, Simon Ekpa, an alleged disciple of Nnamdi Kanu has opposed Gov. Soludo’s directive;


He says, ”Soludo’s directive to civil servant in Anambra is dead on arrival, he should ask other Governors.
Obiano went to the street as a towncryer to no avail. We are warning Soludo not to use his overzealousness to endanger the live of our women & children as the DSS are killing them.”

Soludo set to face Unknown Gunmen in Anambra
Soludo set to face Unknown Gunmen in Anambra

Ekpa added that;

”Soludo, the beginning of your downfall is when you think you can fool Biafrans. Stay clear from sit at home otherwise you will regret your Governorship. The sit at home and other civil disobedience must continue until MNK is released and Biafra is on the table for discussion.”

Soludo set to face Unknown Gunmen in Anambra

On a serious note, Simon Ekpa tables these questions befor the new governor. He asks;

Soludo told you that every Monday, Anambra loses 19.6 Billion Naira to sit at home.
Ask him since 19”kprigidim” that they’ve been making 19.6Billion every Monday.

  • what have they done with the Money?
  • Is the money for Anambra people or the government?
  • Who analyse the monthly revenue?
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