Soludo will Conquer the Unknown Gunmen

No matter what the heartless criminals masquerading to be unknown gunmen are doing to instill fear on the minds of people, am confident that Governor Soludo will conquer them.


Knowing the kind of person Governor Soludo is, am confident that he will defeat the monsters masquerading to be unknown gunmen.


I have said it time without numbers that those terrosing Anambra State are not unknown gunmen rather they are heartless criminals.


I see the unknown gunmen tag given to them as a coinage of supporters of heartless criminals that is being used to hide their identity.


It’s a complete act of cowardice for these heartless criminals to go and attack ABS office annex at Awada.


With the report am seeing in the media, our security agents are living up to expectation and I commend them for that.

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They are doing their best by carrying out Governor Soludo directive on them to nip the activities of these heartless criminals in the bud in our beloved Anambra State.


Just as Governor Soludo use to say in reference to the activities of these heartless criminals “this too will pass and ndi Anambra will enjoy a liveable and prosperous State under his watch”.


Its high time our people start seeing these heartless criminals that masquerades to be unknown gunmen as enemies of progress because the money that are supposed to be used in developing our State is now being used to rebuild the government property’s they are destroying.

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Let’s trust our beloved Governor Soludo and our security agents because they will definitely win the current war against these heartless criminals masquerading to be unknown gunmen.


Daalu nu.


Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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