Sowore is a lost child without dignity – Commentary

Sowore is a lost child without dignity: commentary

Don’t start what you cannot finish. I warned Sowore when he started this game when I asked him what exactly is this #RevolutionNow all about? I went further to warn Sowore that what he was pushing himself into is a COUP d’état but he wouldn’t listen. Well, the unfortunate thing happened and Sowore played into the hands of the State. On July 25, 2019, Sowore clearly said “Don’t tell me about legal implications or what a Judge will say. I don’t care..”. Now the game is still on and Sowore will have to care about legal implications or what a Judge will say.

Let’s be clear, what Sowore did by calling and leading #RevolutionNow a few months after losing an election that he was part of would never be tolerated anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, if he has done that in the USA, he would have been picked up before leaving any Studio. Look at it this way: Hillary Clinton lost an election to Trump. Hillary now went ahead to meet with a fugitive that’s running away from the USA Government on a case of treason outside the shore of the USA just a few months after the Presidential election. Then Hillary was bold enough to show the video clip online and categorically said she had a secret conversation with the fugitive and they both agreed on some things. Then Hillary now returned to the America to lead what was tagged #RevolutionNow. Trust me, Hillary will be forgotten in prison because that’s treason. That’s exatly what Sowore did by meeting with a Fugitive Nnamdi Kanu, then coming to Nigeria afterward.

That aside, Sowore was arrested and after back and forth, he was released yesterday. He was to be in court today and that happened. Sowore was to be rearrested by the Department of State Security DSS and the next thing was to run inside the court . Was there a warrant of arrest and did Sowore’s lawyer know this? If Sowore’s lawyer knew this, why would he ask Sowore to resist arrest on fresh charges or is there a law that says he cannot be arrested on fresh charges because he already had some in court? Did you notice that his lawyers later decided to follow DSS to their office after the whole drama in the court room? What exactly was the game plan by Sowore’s team? They had already vacated the court hall and another case was being called when he ran back, created a scene we just watched just to evade arrest and have public sympathy. Sowore simply violated the law with the aid of his lawyers. That law is the law unfortunately, Sowore is in for a long run.

Well, for today, Sowore won the game and public sympathy. Unfortunately what Sowore did today may lead to three different charges apart from whatever charges they already had against him:


1. RESISTING ARREST: Let me quote Sowore’s lawyer Femi Falana (SAN) “The atmosphere was very rowdy, but I insisted that the arrest could not be carried out within the precinct of the court. He was going to be arrested outside the premises but there was a crowd that resisted the arrest, but I appealed to everybody and asked Sowore to jump into my car and so we drove to the office of the SSS because they said he will just answer a few questions, but now he is being detained.

“We are going to take steps under the law by asking for his release again since they are claiming this is a fresh arrest. I hope we are all aware that resisting arrest is an offence punishable under the law of Nigeria and even any nation we can call “saner clime”? That drama you just watched in the court room that led to the scuffle will eventually be used against him. RESISTING ARREST.


2. ASSAULT ON DSS OFFICER: Unfortunately emotion will soon run out and reality will set in. That same video clip showed that the DSS officer holding Sowore was assaulted. Don’t abuse me yet, I’m just showing you what will eventually happen beyond emotional game. Once you assault a security officer any any CLIME, you have broken the law and will be charged accordingly.


Part of Sowore’s bail condition was that he must not grant any interview. That video clip you watched online where he granted. Here’s what Sowore said in the interview: “It might be my only word on the record before they kill me; this is an attempt to assassinate me in court. They came with guns and they tried to shoot and they dragged me down in front of a judge after I have been granted bail.


“I said it that these are a bunch of lawless people and they were reluctant to respect the order of the court. Now they have shown it to the whole world.


“They tried to break me in prison, sent delegations to me, offering all kinds of things and I refused and they promised that I will not walk out of their detention alive and that is what they have come to implement today.”


The #RevolutionNow convener urged Nigerians not to be afraid and some people have to make the sacrifice for the Country to work.

“What is important for Nigerians to know is that I am not going to give up until every Nigerian benefit from a country that is theirs and I have made it very clear.


“Nobody in Nigeria should be afraid, it is our country and some people have to make the sacrifice for this country to be a country of rule, law and of dignity; and this also involves even judges, if suspects who have been given bail are not safe in court, the judges themselves are not safe.”


He explained that the sudden exit of justice Ojukwu is due to the manner at which the DSS operatives had caused a scene inside the courtroom.


“That is why the judge had to retire hurriedly into her chambers.

“We urge you to hang around so that you can witness this historic day in Nigeria.”

Well, Sunny Ade said and I quote his song:

“Won lomode o mela

Olohun Mela katakata

Laimo pe ela kata kata oooo

Oba Ija ni”


i.e They said a child does not know “ela” the child said he knows “ela katakata”. Not knowing that “ela katakata” is the king of battle/fight.


Painful, this game is not going to be over so soon, I wish Sowore a strong spirit and enough strategy to sort this out diplomatically.

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