Sunday Igboho: How to end killings in Yorubaland

Yoruba Nation: I’ll be in Nigeria soon – Sunday Igboho

Yoruba nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho said for killings to stop across Yorubaland, the Yoruba Nation must break away from Nigeria.


He also announced a mega rally, towards the actualisation of the proposed Yoruba nation slated for Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom, UK, on August, 13, 2022.


According to a statement on Tuesday by his spokesperson, Mr. Olayomi Koiki, Igboho called on every Yorubas in the United Kingdom and its environs to participate in the rally.

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The statement reads in part: “The amount of bloodshed on our land is alarming and life is becoming unbearable to all Yoruba’s due to the Fulani’s government that are bent on going RUGA Water Bill in order to ensure they grab our via the back door.


“This message goes to every Yoruba in United Kingdom and its environs. Enough is enough. Break up now and put a stop to the killings.


“We have now been asked to go out there and dance to the glory of God (for the world to see) and that is exactly what we are going to do on 13/8/22 with drums and trumpets by the special grace of God. The time is now. Time is 11:30 am. Thank you.”


Igboho bemoaned the spate of unrest in the country, noting that he would continue to educate the people, especially the Yorubas about the union of 1914 amalgamation that was forced on 371 ethic groups in what’s call Nigeria today.


“We don’t think anyone should talk about election with the insecurity in Yorubaland and the fake 1999 constitution. Yoruba should think of having our own independent nation and reclaim back our rights.


“We won’t force anyone that want election just as we did not during the Osun and Ekiti. But we would continue to educate our people about the union of 1914 amalgamation that was force on 371 ethic groups in what’s call Nigeria today.


“Chief remains in high spirit and he will continue to want a peaceful exit of the Yoruba people from Nigeria. Whatever Chief said is now happening in Yoruba land.


“With the situations of things Nigeria can’t have peace. Why? We don’t have union and unity because we are all different.”


“Having a Yoruba nation is priority and won’t take the right of other indigenous people that want to live on our land so far our constitution is respected.”


“We are also looking forward to the next united nation General Assembly for the next protest five million petitions have been completed. Our campaign remains peaceful according to the United Nations rights of the indigenous people.”

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