Sympathy for Ukrainians is nothing but Hypocrisy of West




by Great Imo Jonathan


The west is hypothetical and so is everyone who supports them without recourse to obedience to international laws and United Nations rules of engagement. The hypocritical west and the rest of ignorant world pretend not to know that Ukraine government in Kiev have killed over 20,000 East Ukrainianians in the last 7 years. Why were they all silent?


Secondly, Ukrainian Government in Kiev refused to implement United Nations supervised MINKS AGREEMENT, yet in the last 5 years the hypocritical west and their partners in crime did nothing about it. They acted as though the lives of millions Eastern Ukrainianians does not matter. Is it because they are ethnic Russians or because we all have to hate Russians for their boldness in standing up to western hypcrisy and their potentials?


When NATO with America invaded Lybia, Iraq, Syria Venezuela and Afghanistan after lying to the world that they possess weapons of mass destruction, they killed millions of people, looted and pillaged these countries, all the hypocrites who are now ranting about Ukraine territorial integrity all acted ignorant.

Sympathy for Ukrainians is nothing but Hypocrisy of West
Sympathy for Ukrainians is nothing but Hypocrisy of West

Yet we are not talking of what NATO did in Kosovo and how it destroyed Yugoslavia. All their evil actions were swept under the carpet and they have continued to pretend like these things never happened, all in the name of democracy.

To make matters worst, this HYPOCRITICAL west and their ignorant supporters, supported the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Ukraine in 2014. After western instigated overthrow of democratically elected officials, Eastern Ukrainianians who opposed it were bombed to their eternal destruction but all these pretenders to democracy were dead silent.


Supported by United Nations charter on peoples right and principles of self determination, Western and Eastern Ukrainianians declared their independence from Ukrainian and the response from Kiev was more killings and imposition of all manners of wicked measures on them. The government in Kiev even stripped them of their Russian culture and language by imposing Ukraine language on them. Ukraine Government continued to kill them despite the fact that their declaration of self determination is supported by United Nations charter.


Now for simply recognizing Eastern Ukrainians right to self determination and supporting them to take control of their declared territories, the hypothetical west is busy engineering unimaginable propaganda to further cement their lies. They no longer talk about the undemocratic overthrow of an elected government of Ukraine in 2014. They are no longer talking about how Eastern Ukrainians were massacred by Kiev for rejecting that undemocratic overthrow. They no longer believe in the United Nations agreed principles of self determination which these eastern and western Ukrainianians based their exit from Ukraine on, and which they were originally champions of. They no longer talk about the minks agreement that was supervised by United Nations and which the comedian president in Kiev refused to implement. They no longer talk about how Eastern and western Ukrainians have been massacred and bullied in the last 7 years despite agreeing to abide by the United Nations supervised minks agreement. The hypocritical west and their shameless supporters have refused to talk about how we got here but have continued to push their propaganda with the support of their compromised mainstream media who also played major roles all the massacres and destructions the west carried out in many parts of the world.


Even with Israel invading and occupying q large portion of Palestine till date, with the support of the west, they still shamelessly have the boldness to condemn those that have not committed anything close to the kind of atrocities they are known for all over the world.


Yet they claim to be the conscience of the world and leaders of democracy even when they are known to have acted unilaterally on many occasions against United Nations resolutions. Even when they have declined on many promises made to Russia and other countries in the times past.

This is nothing but hypocrisy of democracy.


Hence, I support the effort of Russia to go into Western and Eastern Ukraine to save lives and uphold the peoples right to self determination. Russia has done nothing wrong but to come to the aid of oppressed people of eastern and western Ukraine and to teach the comedian president a lesson on how to abide by an agreement.

Sympathy for Ukrainians is nothing but Hypocrisy of West
Sympathy for Ukrainians is nothing but Hypocrisy of West

Ukrainian president and the west must be held responsible for refusing to implement MINKS AGREEMENT and for acting along with those who are led by their hate for Russia for their refusal to come under the control of the west. Ukraine comedian president is stupid for playing such a role and must take responsibility for the outcome.


Especially, Europe must be ashamed of herself for ever remaining a puppet in the hands of blood thirsty defense industry players who are always stoking crisis across the globe in order to sell their weapons. Europe is a disgrace to the world, they have let God and humanity down by helping to propagate lies and enabling bloodshed across the world. Especially as those who claim to espouse Christian Values, they have failed by engaging in lies and blood letting. They are now a big stain in the moral conscience of the world. What they have shown to the world is nothing but hypocrisy of democracy.


No amount of Western propaganda can change the truth, only time will reveal all things.

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One thought on “Sympathy for Ukrainians is nothing but Hypocrisy of West

  1. Well you haven’t mixed words, the contemptual lackadaisical attitude of the west as well un and Nato are so visible in fuelling soe of this issues, just as it is happening in Nigeria now however these does not justify a violence inversion of a people who exist as a sovereign nation. We must understand that any act of war causes pain to humanity and must be vehemently discouraged. Diplomacy is key and a stich in time saves nine!!

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