A lady in our group asked whether it’s okay for her to answer her husband sexual call while she was having her morning devotion in bed.
Guess the responses?


Some Christian wives saw it as a sign of disrespect towards God to break her prayers and attend to him while some concluded that the husband lacks self control. Not confirming whether they’re living together or not.

Due work and situation of the economy, some men see their families only on weekends, while some meet fortnightly even monthly or months… Which is part of the reasons why I see nothing wrong in pausing or rounding up your prayer session to accept this sweet early morning offering, so far it’s NOT his usual habit to interrupt your prayer sessions.


Even if it’s his habit to do such, that means something is terribly wrong and needs crucial spiritual attention but not at that particular moment because it’s not easy to make someone accept your opinion through disobedience, but you can gently put it across to him after he’s satisfied and calm. “Two wrongs cannot make a right’ you know” unless you want him to query the credibility of the God whom you’re praying to, due to your disobedience (because even unbelievers knows that God expects women to obey their husbands)

And to the one’s who think it’s lack of self control, saying what if I traveled? What if I’ve just given birth? Won’t he control his urge? Yes, we understood. But know this, that every normal human being will set their mind to it that their spouse is away or just deliver a baby and psychologically their system will adapt, especially the godly ones. So you need not to always starve him of his marital right just because you want him to have self control or are you teaching him how to live without you already?


You can’t even correct those who really lack that self control by denying them, because there are other several scientific and spiritual ways to go about that.

So dear Christian Women, don’t forget that:
👉you can’t have sex in the office but can pray in the office and even blast in tongues

👉 You can’t have sex in the presence of your children but you can pray while they watch and emulate you

👉You can’t have sex while you’re in the market but you can pray while buying your tomato and meat.

👉 You can’t have sex when you’ve just given birth but you can pray even in the labour room

👉 You can’t have sex while making your hair in the saloon but you can pray there

👉 You can’t have sex while your husband is not around but you can pray in his absence

👉 You can’t have sex in the vehicle while driving but can pray while holding the wheel.


In conclusion,
We are so blessed as Christians because praying to our God is unlimited, we can pray anywhere and anytime but making love is limited. Therefore, don’t waste those opportunities to have fun with your man, take advantage of it and have yourself stamped in his heart all day long.

God Bless Our Homes

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