Taliban: What Yorubas need to learn from Afghanistan

Taliban: What Yorubas need to learn from Afghanistan

“I doubt the Yorubas will learn anything from the unravelling horrors in Afghanistan.


One lesson I hope the Yorubas do learn is that WE ARE ON OUR OWN.


We Yorubas have to extricate ourselves from this bondage without relying on any external assistance.

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Joe Biden said just as much in so many words last night in his nationwide televised broadcast, that if the Afghans won’t stand and fight for their own country then why should the Americans🇺🇸 fight for them.


Tragically the Afghans from the newly exiled president to the military to the teeming masses have psychologically handicapped themselves for the last 20 years not having a mind of their own but instead relying on the Americans and other Westerners to do the thinking for them thereby primarily using the Americans as a crutch.



The Yorubas could easily go the same way because we collectively as a people appear to be sleep walking our way into the same chaos unfolding in Afghanistan UNLESS we strap up, get our wits about us and fight back for ourselves as ONE UNIFIED PEOPLE.

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Be clear about this: The White man will CUT AND RUN and will leave us all to our fate when S..T hits the fan. For our own collective sake, I hope we Yorubas learn that lesson if nothing else from the unfolding horror in Afghanistan🇦🇫.



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