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The Lagos state government should let us see our loved ones, who were the victims of the FIRE ACCIDENT that happened  on 29/06/18.
Up to the today 05/07/18 we the families of the dead and injured but alive victims,  have not been able to see our loved ones who were the victim. The people alive were taken to an undisclosed destination with no access to them, we do not even know the extent of the damage to their health.
While the family members are told to go and do the DNA which to to now information what so ever is available to the family.
What are they hiding ? 
And the number of people that died is far more than the number announced.
We admonish the General public and well meaning Nigerians  to tell the Lagos state Government and Governor Ambode that we want to see our families dead or alive. We urge the Lagos state to allow access our family members.
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