Tanzania female MP sent out from parliament for wearing Trousers

Tanzania female MP sent out from parliament for wearing Trousers

A Tanzania Female Member of Parliament (MP), was thrown out of the parliament by the Speaker of the House for wearing trousers.


Condester Sichwale, arrived at the parliament on Tuesday, June 1, wearing a yellow peplum blouse and black trousers.

Tanzania female MP sent out from parliament for wearing Trousers

A male colleague, Hussein Amar, complained about how she was dressed.

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Amar, who is from the same party as Sichwale, spoke against her dressing just after a session of questions and answers, according to Global Publishers.



“Parliament is a mirror of society and Tanzania, and some of our sisters are wearing strange clothes and are legislators. What are they showing to the society?” Amar complained in a video shared by Tanzanian journalist, Jay Maudaku.

Tanzania female MP sent out from parliament for wearing Trousers

The Speaker asked who he was referring to and Amar pointed in Sichwale’s direction.

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Speaker, Ndugai then asked Sichwale to leave and change before she will be allowed back in parliament.

This shows how the fight for women rights is still far from successful, with many countries still stringent on how women dress in public.

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Photos from the scene show other MPs turning to look at Sichwale as she was ushered out.

Tanzania female MP sent out from parliament for wearing Trousers

Tanzania female MP is berated and thrown out from parliament for wearing trousers

She later returned, wearing a navy blue skirt.






Comments from Linda Ikeji and Nairaland



You see these useless Muslim men. Very soon skirt will not be enough for them they will ask Christian women to cover their hair and face.



If you know the tradition or culture of a place, honor it.

This is why Americans are always trying to free women first in Arabic society. Because they believe every exciting bushiit they see on t.v.

If you culture demands you wear wrapper there,honor it. Give Cesar his.

I bet she knew the rules.


A lot of Africans are hypocrites and pose as moralists/chief judge when it has to do with dressing. That trouser she wore is a lot more decent than some skirts hanging around the waist of most females. I think she should return back with hijab, maybe it will add to her relevance in law making.


The MP that complained must be Muslim, Tanzania is full of them


Prostitution is not allowed in the House of Laws, if her husband cannot tell her, the Parliament have told her. The Future is NOT Pussssy.



Don’t develop your education and infrastructure, be developing Dress codes, smh, even water self does not run in an average Nigerian home, all depends on his/her boreholes. Electricity zero, na dress code you develop, and you are even the spoilt ones who cannot control it, smh


Nice one from them..
Totally commendable..
She thinks this is Europe..
Nonsense and Buhari..
Madam go and dress descent ..


People in that Europe are living better than African countries.
African countries where most people are living less than $1 dollar in a day is where the men who are supposed to be responsible leaders carry woman dressing for head


Tanzania isn’t Nigeria where moral is lacking. There’s modesty in everything.


She’s beautiful

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