Teacher charged with having sex with student now ‘lawfully married’ to teen

Thomas Blake Tucker, 25, from Alabama, was working at East Limestone High School, Athens, when he had sexual relations with a student as he defied bail restrictions to get married.


Thomas Blake Tucker got married on November 8 to a former student despite his bail restricting him from any contact with the pupil.


The former high school teacher who was forced to resign for having an affair with a student is now “lawfully married” to the pupil.


Thomas Blake Tucker, 25, from Alabama, was working at East Limestone High School, Athens, when he had sexual relations with a student under the age of 19.


He was charged on September 16 and released on a $30,000 (£24,500) bail with strict restrictions ordering Tucker to have no contact or communication with the former pupil.


Whilst out on bail, Tucker attended an emergency school board meeting on October 25 where he offered his resignation.

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However, the former teacher defied his strict bail conditions and decided to get married to the former pupil on November 8.


Court documents revealed the student, who is unnamed, is now “lawfully married” to the former high school teacher as he bids to overturn bail restrictions stopping the pair from communicating.


In Tucker’s submission to court, he included a copy of his wedding licence as he asked a judge to change the conditions of his bail so the pair “can live together.”

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A source told The News Courier that: “There is no petition or legal filing currently that would restrict the student and Thomas, a now lawfully and legally married couple, from communicating with one another.”


A decision on Tucker’s bail restrictions will be heard on December 6.


News of the arrest came on September 18 after Limestone County Sheriff’s Office revealed cops had received a tip-off alleging the pair were in a relationship together.


The Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook : “On September 16, 2022, around 7:30 p.m., the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office received a tip on a potentially inappropriate relationship between Thomas Blake Tucker, an East Limestone High School teacher/coach and a student.”

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The teacher was taken into custody after more evidence began to emerge.


The statement continued: “Captain Caleb Durden began to investigate the allegation and discovered evidence to establish probable cause, and Tucker was taken into custody around midnight.


“This is an ongoing investigation.


“Thomas Blake Tucker, 25, of Madison, AL, has been charged with a School Employee Engaging in a Sex Act With A Student Under the Age of 19. Tucker has been released from the Limestone County Detention Center on a $30,000 bond.”

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