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Teenage prostitutes takeover Shopping Mall gate in Asaba

Teenage prostitutes takeover Shopping Mall gate in Asaba

Teenage prostitutes have taken over the gate of Shoprite, a popular shopping mall in Asaba, the Delta State capital, where they eke out a living especially during nightfall.


Investigation revealed that these teenage girls were seen clad in skimpy dresses with cigarettes on their left hands waiting for sex hungry men to woo them for sex.


From 7:30 pm, the Shoprite centre gate from Summit road and Okpanam are filled to the brim with these girls who are not bothered about security agencies but how to make money through sexual intercourse.


The cost of having sex with them, further investigation revealed, ranges between N7,000 for a round in one of the hotels opposite the Shoprite centre where they bargain with the managers for what they described as” Quickies” while full night attracts N25,000 with breast sucking among others.



For men who don’t like using condoms, these teenage prostitutes charge between N40,000 and N50,000 for them to bear the brunt of any trouble brews of disease including treatments in the end.

Teenage prostitutes takeover Shopping Mall gate in Asaba
Teenage prostitutes takeover Shopping Mall gate in Asaba

The Shoprite centre in Asaba is a beehive of activities as the premises is filled with car owners who shamelessly queue for these teenage girls who they described are the best for sexual intercourse with them.


Ehizogie Mabel, an Edo State-born teenage prostitute, who spoke to our correspondent, said: “Many of us are coming from Benin City Edo State every night and we get customers.


At times, we make N150,000 a night depending on how you are able to work because some of the men are on drugs to make love with us and we will be tired but they will not be tired at all.


We also have ways we settle policemen and they don’t disturb us at all; even at times they will take us to their ogas for business and their friends”.



Most shocking aspect is that these girls don’t wear pants but skimpy dresses that barely cover their nudity and are allegedly responsible for quick action in most cases with them inside the darkness and uncompleted building.

Teenage prostitutes takeover Shopping Mall gate in Asaba
Teenage prostitutes takeover Shopping Mall gate in Asaba

Meanwhile, hoodlums on rampage in Delta State especially in Asaba have allegedly perfected ways of patronizing native doctors for charms to woo unsuspecting Shoprite customers into parting with their money before they realise their misfortune.


Investigations revealed that Shoprite centres in the state have in the last few weeks been greeted in the hue and cry of the new crime waves perpetrated by these hoodlums who work with charms as their guide for a clean slate job, especially during nightfall and in the day time.


Managements of the Shoprite centres in Asaba towns and Warri through its Public Relations Officer, Mr, Nelson Egbule, had in a press statement, said: “We have been greeted in the hue and cry of robbery through charms on our esteemed customers by rampaging hoodlums in the state who after charming the unsuspecting customers collect their money.


We are have been worried over the complaints by our customers, many of whom have also parted with gift items during which the charms are used on them.


We are at this junction informing members of the public and our esteemed customers to be wary of Keke motorcycle riders who are used in this regard to carry out the evil activities”.


Their modus operandi, further investigation revealed, is the charms prepared for them (hoodlums) by the native doctors who also allegedly instructed that it should be used to shake hands with unsuspecting customers within the Shoprite centres after which they are moved into discussions with the hoodlums who will lure them into their tricycles for a drop negotiation and under the process they part with their money while discussion with the hoodlums lasted.



In Asaba, tricycle riders who are allegedly into the “deal” often times assemble by the gate of the popular Shoprite along Okpanam road wooing unsuspecting customers for Keke drop after robbing the charms on their faces and stomach as instructed by the native doctors.


One of the tricycle riders, James Eddeh, who spoke to our correspondent, said: “We have in recent times witnessed where we do our business when customers they have used the charms on crying that the Kekemen who dropped them may have removed money from them.


This is the new crime wave now in the state and many customers are falling into the net of these hoodlums.


We have seen many of our colleagues are talking about how money was removed from customers very neatly”.


Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Edafe Bright, who confirmed this, said: “We are aware of the new crime wave and we have arrested over six tricycle riders within last week and have also positioned our men within without uniforms to ensure that the hoodlums are brought to book.


The Shoprite in Asaba is a centre for these hoodlums who hide under being tricycle riders to carry out these evil and nefarious activities of robbing unsuspecting customers with charms”.



Ogbusehi Martins Osekwe, a native doctor in Asaba, who spoke to our correspondent, said: “Although I don’t do it for hoodlums but there are charms of such and I know my colleagues who are into such charms for hoodlums including the charms for gunshots and I know that the law of nemesis will one day catch up with them and they will be arrested for their evil activities”.


But the Police Commissioner in the state, Ari Muhammad Ali, who spoke to our correspondent, said: “We have arrested four native doctors with regard to the charms and they all confessed to their sins and were subsequently charged to court”. He warned members of the public to be careful of the tricycle riders who do two things at a time.

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