Tega Dominic: I can’t live fake life because of BigBrother Naija

Tega Dominic: I can't live fake life because of BigBrother Naija

Former BigBrother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Tega Dominic, has lashed out at fans who faulted her lifestyle because of her celebrity status.


In a series of videos on her Snapchat on Wednesday night, the reality TV star noted that her fans wanted her to live a fake life.


She said, “So today, I’ve been getting tags of different things. So you guys think that because I went to BBN, I should be living a fake life. I should be living that life to be in your face.


“You forget that personalities are different. So because I went to BBN, I should not live my life again.


“Because I went to BBN, I should be doing some certain things to meet up with your standards of being a celebrity.”


She also wondered if she should live under pressure because she wanted to impress her fans.

“Some of you just come to my DM and say ‘Tega, you drive yourself. This is not the right standard for a celebrity’. Are you serious? So I should be living under pressure because I’m trying to impress you?” Tega asked.


She continued, “I’m so sorry because I’m not ready to live that life that you think I should be living.


“You can go and meet other people that carry bouncers around. You can go and meet other people. As for me, I came from the streets.”

Tega Dominic: I can't live fake life because of BigBrother Naija
Tega Dominic: I can’t live fake life because of BigBrother Naija

Also, the mother-of-one took to her Twitter page to state that if anyone trolled her, she’d do the same to such a person.


She said this while lamenting about fans who think they can control celebrities’ lives.


The reality TV star also warned fans against sending her direct messages to inquire about anybody.


Tega tweeted, “It’s funny how some fans think they have so much control over their fave’s lives, causing chaos everywhere.


“No fan should come to my DMs asking me sh*t about anybody again. If you are not about love and light, then don’t try it.


“Don’t even think you can troll me because I go give you back.” (sic)

A week before Tega was evicted on the show, she set tongues wagging with a video that went viral, which featured her kissing fellow housemate, Boma while in bed.


Other clips also showed her and Boma under the duvet, an act which she insisted was a script.


Being a married woman, Tega received criticisms from fans of BBNaija on social media, and some claims that led to her eviction from the show.


Despite her tearful apology after the show, the actress had complained about incessant criticisms from fans of the show.


But now, it seems she has reorganized her assertiveness.

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