Ten years old boy raped twice, Nigeria Police pays less attention

A Twitter user Pinkypearl 💙💙 (@Pinkypearl09) has reported a case of rape perpetrated on her ten year old brother by their 21 years old gay neighbour in port Harcourt, Rivers state.


The rapist was caught by another boy while raping the said victim the second time and reported to his mother.


The case was reported to the Nigerian Police Force local station and then the state CID but the law enforcement agent have allegedly been frustrating the case.


According to her, the mother of the rapist has run away with her son with the help of the IPO in mile one police station (port Harcourt).


Read the story below;

”Nigerians please I need ur help to get justice for my 10 years old younger brother.


My younger brother 10 years old was raped by a 21years old boy in my compound in port Harcourt. He has raped him twice, the first one he threatened my brother. The second one a boy saw him doing it and reported to my mom, my mom then asked my brother that was when opened up and told her everything and that he was scared.


We reported the case to the nearest police station they arrested the boy and after 24 hours they released him saying that they can’t hold him more than 24 hours, we told them to transfer the case to state CID but they didn’t because the boys mother was going to bribe the IP.


My mom then wrote a petition to commissioner and then she went to PH State CID to report the case,they told her to bring money for them to start the case, she paid money for registration of the case and opening file then they asked her to bring money for mobilization so they will send signal to the old police station to transfer the case. My elder sister sent her another money again 30k to start the mobilization.


Last week we called her to know how it’s going she said they told her they have sent signal but they are waiting for response. Today I called her she said the previous police station called her and she went there, the IPO told her to pay 1k for them to type letter, she did pay the money.


Then the IPO told her that she should let her know when she sees the suspect (IPO and the boys mother has planned and the mother ran away with the boy to Cross Rivers State).


My mom said she went to report the IPO to the DCO and they are saying they’ll take the boys father but my mom has to pay for transport since she’s the complainant. Since this matter started we have been paying from one thing to the other, the police is just covering up the boy. My mom told me that the IPO told her that ‘why is she lamenting, that after my brother was enjoying the thing ‘. This is what a police woman is telling a mother whose child was raped. How can a 10 year old child enjoy being raped, how can a 10years old child enjoy being raped by a boy.


I don’t know what else to do that’s why I’m coming to Twitter to see if I can get Justice. I have the medical report from the hospital they took my brother. Nigerians please help my younger brother get Justice 🙏🙏🙏


The trauma my family has been going through for the past one month. We Just want Justice!


The mother of the rapist has run away with her son with the help of the IPO in mile one police station (port Harcourt)… My brother needs this to help him stand strong and recover from this trauma 🙏🙏🙏

Ten years old boy raped twice, Nigeria Police pays less attention
Suspected Gay Rapist and Mother

I have my brother’s medical report from the hospital they took him to. The boy that saw him raping my brother can always come out to testify (this boy is also in danger because my mom told me the woman has started maltreating him).


The boy that raped my brother also admitted to the crime when he was arrested first, his statement is in the police station too.”



Goodnews my Twitter family, my dad just called me that the father of the suspect has be arrested by the DCO of mile one police station and will be transferred to state CID .💃 Justice is close, I won’t stop fighting until we get Justice


  • We will still get to the suspect, the boy that raped my brother at least we have his father in police custody.


  • The first police station isn’t letting the matter move from their table because the suspect mother is bribing them. My mom wrote a petition to State CID but over a week the first police station hasn’t transferred the case to them so they’ll proceed


My Twitter family, I just got off the phone with my parents about the progress of the case;

  • The father of the rapist has been transferred to state CID and he’s lying to the state CID that he doesn’t know where his son is at the moment
  • The father of the rapist is also lying that my father said he doesn’t want to see the rapist in my compound again that’s why he sent them away from home
  • Father of the suspect also said he only knows where the boys mother is, that she went to her village to rest because she’s sick
  • The mother of the suspect is not sick she ran away from PH immediately her son was released on the 5/5/22 from mile one police station. She and the IPO in mile one planned to let her blind husband sign the bail since they know he’s blind and police might not arrest him.
  • As for the IPO in mile one police station, she has been detained and told to provide the suspect, from what my parents told me. She has been the one holding the case, I spoke to the DCO of mile one police station this morning, he said he had told her to transfer the case since.


The State CID has assured my family that we will get justice and they’ll do everything to make sure the suspect is apprehended and my brother gets justice.

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