Teni: How I lost 190 pounds of weight

Teni: How I lost 190 pounds of weight

Music star Teniola Apata aka Teni, Eniola Badmus, and Elvina Ibru are popular entertainers who have opened up on their body weight loss. OLAITAN GANIU explores the wellness journey of these three celebrities who had their weight loss through ketogenic diet, exercise or surgery.


The Afropop singer recently made headlines with her stunning body transformation.

From a 260 pounds weight, the ‘billionaire’ singer shocked the general public when she slimmed down to less than 70 pounds. According to Teni, she was able to shed weight through determination without any form of surgery.


Detailing her new look, Teni explained how challenging it was to restrain herself from consuming her favourite foods and drinks in her bid to seek better health.

“Imagine going for dinners and paying for everybody’s food and you can’t eat what they are eating…,” the vocalist said.

“You can ask my Personal Assistant (PA), I went to ‘Yankee’ (in Maimi) because that is where most of my guys are — we go out, we have fun, crabs — I couldn’t eat any of that because I’m dieting. It’s sad,” the singer said.


Teni also said she realised she only has one life to live.

“But then, you now grow and learn that these things you are doing are not good for you. So, you start to change. You start to adopt better choices for yourself. You start to realise that I have this fame, I have this money. I need to be able to live a long time to enjoy it.”

Teni: How I lost 190 pounds of weight

Before now, Teni would lambast critics who comment about her body weight.

“Stop asking me when I’ll lose weight, I don’t know I like fried rice too much. Worry about your moms jamming thighs,” she shaded social media trolls.


Eniola Badmus

Several fans of actress and producer Eniola Badmus still marvel at her dramatic weight loss.

After delivering her chubby role in Jade Osiberu’s ‘Gangs of Lagos’ in 2021, Badmus returned to screens with a slim body stature.


The ‘Gbogbo Big Girls’ star, who used to weigh 170kg, took the world by storm when she shared her new look on social media in 2022.

Speaking on her body transformation, Badmus said she considered shedding weight when her body size was bigger.

“At one point in my life, ‘I was like Eniola na so you go just dey go. I used to be 170kg which is quite alarming. I started this journey on April 28, 2021,” she revealed.


“I never reduced for my life before. The highest wey I do be say, in two months of my gym, I go reduce 2kg. If I reach house, I go still go chop eba, rice, and semo. The gym go just be like a wasted effort.

“I come dey look am sey e be like say I go burst ooo. I started by reducing food. I think gyming is just 20-25 percent, what we take is mostly the problem,” she said.


Eniola decided to stay glued to her diet routine after consulting a dietician and therapist.

“I had to see a dietician and I went for a lot of therapy as well. So, I started abstaining from carbohydrates and beef. I eat a lot of salad and vegetables.”


Elvina Ibru

For Elvina Esewvre Ibru, 50, the decision to undergo weight loss came after she started feeling sluggish.

The Delta-state-born actress was weighing 210kg before she was encouraged by her sister to reduce her weight.


“It got to a point when I was beginning to feel sluggish. I felt I was suddenly trapped in my own body,” Ibru said.

“There were some things I had always loved to do, but my body was just not responding. But, I did not have ailments such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension, except for a small ache at my back. I didn’t want a situation where I would become unhealthy. So, Gloria, my elder sister, inspired me with her gradual weight loss.”


Other entertainers who have their bodies transformed include Chigul, Lepacious Bose, Uche Ogbodo, Ngozi Ezeonu and Georgina Ibeh.

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