The Basics of CBD Oil and Benefits

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Cannabis has been a friend of humankind since before the written word. It has provided fiber from its stalk, nutrition from its seed and its roots and from the flower we’ve gotten medicine. And cannabis has a very rich history as a medicine, in many different cultures going back thousands of years including in the united states.


In the second half of the 19th century, cannabis tinctures were an important essential part of the american medicine cabinet. But we’ve lost the connection with the plants in terms of its therapeutic possibilities because of prohibition. A prohibition imposed federally in 1937 and it has continued federally until this very day. And because of the illegal status of marihuana and cannabis we have lost an understanding that our forefathers and foremothers have had about how to use this plant therapeutically.

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And there’s other reasons that are crucial that really underscore the need to re-establish a relationship with this plant. Because today it’s not just a matter of lighting up a joint and smoking it. It’s not that simple anymore. And while that can confer a lot of benefits for many people and has. These days we also have very potent cannabis oils with different mixtures of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the high causer, and CBD the part of the plant that doesn’t make you feel high.

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These are available in many different forms and that’s confusing to people. People who don’t really necessarily know how to use these different formulas. When someone walks into a dispensary, they look at different product options and they don’t necessarily know what to choose. They don’t have the guidance from a physician. They’re not necessarily even getting the guidance they need from the dispensary staff.


CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol is a molecule and a compound in the cannabis plant. And so is THC. They’re both cannabinoids. CBD is not psychoactive like THC. It doesn’t make you feel high when you ingest it.


So the potential benefits of CBD Oil are:

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