“The Best is Dead” – About the Poetry Collections.

The Best is Dead: The poetry is about how we perceive life and things. I took time out to write about nature, suicide and love and so on. But more on living and what it requires.


The name is carved from; not having enough. Not being enough. You don’t own it all. You can’t do it all. We need each other to be or do best or we die. We don’t own this world.

There is different meaning figuratively to the subject and, what I try to do is, ensure it aligns with reality. People need to face life with facts and reality. The poetry is about me and how I have survived living.

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Sometimes, I think I can’t do it all. But most certainly, I can’t do it alone. No one can! We envisage life with too many expectations that we loss the essences of living.


Writing the poetry, I had to visit places, my childhood, hospitals though I didn’t go close to prison, but I visited a police station and had chat with police officers. I have to have a personal experience so I can have reasons to write—I remember visiting the island, a place set aside for the rich, and I saw a ghetto area where the poor strive to live. The hunger and the pain… I saw a need to write for them—I was honestly broken. In a world, we didn’t create or own —with so much of a division.

When I remember that writing makes a bigger difference, I couldn’t stop the pen from drying even when my heart is crying, wary and desperate – I wrote out the very pain I was nursing.

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The Best is Dead is one of my finest collections and, is a poetry for the young minds who seeks hope, love and who want to fight for their place in the world.


The Best dies if we let it die. We are created with unique gifts and we need to show it gladly and glaring so the world could see how blessed we are.

Don’t kill the passion, drive and creativity. Be an epitome of greatness and keep supporting everyone around you. The Best is Dead is about how we let ourselves down and not willing to pick it up.

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