FONICATION AND ADULTARY — All over the world, people are suffering today bcos of this sin. Satan has destroy destroyed people lives bcos of this deathly sin. Let see the danger;

In John chapter 8, Jesus went to mount Olive and all the people came to meet Him and He sat down and taught them. The Pharisees brought to Him a woman caught in the act of adultery. They said to Him; Master, this woman was caught in the very act of immorality. Moses commanded us in the law that such person must be stone. But what did you say?? They said this to tempt Him.


He stood own with His finger on the ground. He lifted up His head and said to them ‘ he who is without sin let him cast the first stone….


They were convicted by their own conscience and went out one by one. Jesus was left alone with this woman and He said to her; woman, where are those who accused you ?? He said no man condemn thee….neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.


In this scripture above, Jesus been teaching the people after spending the entire night praying. The scribes and the Pharisees were there. All of a sudden, His teaching was interrupted bcos the Pharisees were dragging through the crowd a poor woman that they have caught in the very act of adultery. The law of Moses states that she has to be stone until she was death. These Pharisees were not interested in immorality. They wanted to get Him on the horn of delimer – to trap Him.


They asked Jesus, what did He say about the situation. Jesus stopped , looked at them in a moment , saw the poor woman whose cloth was in disarrayed. Her hair very shabby, fear and anger step on her face. The Bible says one by one they left.


We are living in a generation that the sin of the father is visiting their children . You will agree with me that most young people have no moral norms today.


This is what a young teenage boy of 17 had to say . “I was supposed to spend the night at a boy friend place . I saw my parents came home with some of their friends . They stayed home till 2am and l saw things l was not supposed to see, the life l never dream of. And I now found out that my parents have been doing this for years.


Parents, what types of life are u living today ?? Is it of good morals or bad morals.


Good life with good morals and character will deposit in them good spirits . Bad life with bad morals and character will deposit in them bad or evil spirit.


People don’t believe that premarital sex is wrong. They believe that if two people are in love, there is nothing wrong about that. Some parents even encourage their children to go see their boy friend or girl friend. You are planting a wrong seed in the life of that child which will have an impact in him or her in the future.


Some of the children never been taught by their parents about what is right and what is wrong. They need some one to stand up to teach them . I read where a young girl of 19 said she had plenty of sex experiences . If some body told me what I was doing was wrong , I would have listen and be guilty. But no body ever told me that.


The Bible says my people perish or die for lack of knowledge . It is sad to know that some churches encourage immorality and others do not even mention such things. Preaching about sex is a taboo. My brothers and sisters where are we going?? People have different view concerning this topic.

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Dr Dim William, a chemical psychology said, “when a young man sleep with a prostitute or have premarital sex , is seen as an act of charity which proclaim the glory of God. The young man go deeper and a full person than he came in “.


Another person said ” an illicit sex is giving glory to God in the highest. A bishop in England wrote in his book said,”premarital sex is a kind of holy Communion. I received a video today of a pastor having premarital sex in the altar in the name of delivering them. He claim God instructed him to do so. May God help us.


Let us not dwell on people view about premarital sex. Let us take a journey to the Bible and see what is God’s voice is saying concerning immorality.


Evangelist Jacob, of EMO Ministry, Cape Town, South Africa.

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