The Devil’s Pie by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

The Devil's Pie by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander
Devil's Food Cake Whoopie Pie - Wenderly

The Devil is an Angel,
The Devil is an Agent,
The Devil is an Evil-doer,
The Devil is God’s Best Hand.


The Devil gives Goodies,
In soft Goodness,
With kind honesty
With face so cheerful.


The Devil takes back what it gives,
Without remorse for it’s actions,
The Devil doesn’t give for free,
The Devil isn’t your mate.

The Devil isn’t visible,
It uses the mind and spirit,
Through you and I,
To carry out it’s acts.


The Devil is Smart,
Is Pies are sweet,
You will think is your sweats,
In no time, you will be soaked in your sweats.


The Devil is a dealer,
He deals in all merchandise,
The Devil is a deceiver,
He deceives you into believing,
The Devil is a producer,
His goods are cheap.
The Devil’s Pie is your greed.

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