The Grandfathers of Corruption! – Opinion

The Grandfathers of Corruption!

The allegedly corrupt PDP administration built the NASS complex with 7Billion. But the anti-corruption inclined APC-led NASS wants to renovate it with 37billion. What a way to combat graft!

Evidently, the PhD brandishing Ahmed Lawan-led NASS is determined to ruin this nation. He’s never hidden his subservient choice, not because he is stupid but because it is more profitable under this deceptive regime.

Above all, and this is very instructive, I’m beginning to agree with a swirling theory that the N37b renovation fee is a settlement in advance for GMB’s alleged third term agenda.


We kuku dey talk about it and some of you think we are hallucinating. Well, it will hit you all like the coming of a thief in the night. And guess what, oga will still feign ignorance, after all, the lawmakers would be deemed to be doing their work of amending the constitution.

If this is to make any sense, it therefore appears more likely an arrangement to currry the NASS support for the alleged third term project, than renovating a complex that’s still standing firm, clean and beautiful.


Think about it, how can a broke nation indulge in such a needless waste? It is also interesting to note that the APC apologists are not coming out to attack this evil. It’s understandable sha. Anything APC is divinely ordained. Shio, e ma je, jatijati iya.

Oh, wait a minute, now I see who is behind this. It is Dr. Bukola Saraki. You know the guy is invincible. He controls things from anywhere and has such incomprehensible capacity to move the immovable. He seems to be behind this.


Brethren, like it or not, anyone whose body language encourages corruption is as corrupt as those actively delivering the briefs of corruption, because at the end of the day, the buck stops somewhere and that’s the table of number one.

“I didn’t know they were up to something this bad” would not be tenable, because what you delegate as a leader is authority and not responsibility. These are your responsibilities, Mr. General and you would shoulder them at the appropriate time.

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